Commenting On Posts

Commenting On Posts

I am becoming a regular blogger and a regular comment-er on blogs

When putting a blog together it can take me 2, 3, 4 or even 5 hours sometime. Whether that is normal or just me. I’m not sure. Although I have spoken to others who sent similar times putting together a blog.

So I find it interesting when the comments people put/leave on blogs and not just my blog but most blogs that I have been commenting on are short and general like.

“Great post, thank for sharing”, “Awesome tips, I appreciate the you sharing it”, oie_CQZlwP19mtzq

Yes I must admit that I have left comment like that as well. Normally when I can’t think of anything else to say. And a comment like that is better than no comment at all. Right?

Well yes and no! What do I mean by that? Yes it is leaving a comment which creates a link/back link between yours and their site which, in theory, is correct. And no, I believe that the search pick up on those short comment and see it as poor interaction or someone just trying to create links.

When I see short comments like that, I start to think have they actually read the/my blog (depending whether I saw it on my post or someone elses’ post) Comments like that are general comments that you could say about any post regardless of what the post is actually about.

Now if you put a comment like

I don’t agree you when you say that a comment like “great post, thanks for sharing” is a general comment and could say about any post regardless of what the post is actually about. because you would have had to read the post to know that it was a great post.commenting on posts

This shows that you have read the post and do have an opinion. It also show the search engine that there is some decent interaction happening with this post.

Also, be a little controversial with your comment and show that you have an opinion. This can help get more interaction and the more interaction the more the search engines like it.

This doesn’t just apply to blog posts. It is good practice to write a sentence or two on social media like Facebook, YouTube, Google + etc. But with social media you can also tag the person you are commenting on and use hash tag as well.

If you apply this you will find that you and your posts will start getting found by the search engines.

How do you comment? with a general comment or with a comment that shows you have actually read the blog? Let me know in the comments below

Have a lovely day


Skype Emoticons

Skype Emoticons

The other day one of my friends sent me a message on Skype


Your skype does not support extended icons. Please download the extension here:″

So I click on it because I thought I was missing something she sent me.  BAD MOVE

SkypEmoticon is a malware so do not install any kind of new extensions for viewing Skype animated icons. Please install the animated icons from well reputed companies do not install them on your friend’s request.
I didn’t realize this and I installed it.

It downloaded a piece of software on to my computer that put blocks ads on every page that I browsed on the internet. You could click the x to close them down. But it also put links in the text to take you to difference pages and servery pages

Over the next couple of days I spent quite a bit of time trying to get rid of it.

Here is how to get rid of it.

1- Uninstall SkypEmoticons from Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs

but it is still there
2 – So go to your Task Manager -> processes and click end taskSkypeE3 – Then go to file manager and then delete the folder named SkypEmoticons from Roaming folder as in the image. Usually the path is“C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SkypEmoticons”

4 – I then did a search of all computer files for “skypemoticons” and deleted all files that came up

But I still had the problem so installed Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and ran a scam. This program is worth installing but I still had the problem.

5 – I tried a different browser,(I always use Google chrome) internet explorer, and the problem was gone. So I went into Google chrome and found SkypEmoticons in there under extensions. You can find that by clicking the 3 bars under the x in the top right corner of your browser, then clicking setting and then extensions found and deleted SkypEmoticons

6 – It was still there so the final step was to uninstall Google chrome and re-install it. That finally got rid of it

I would recommend that you do all these steps just to be sure.

I hope this helped you fix your problem. If it did please leave a comment below.

Happy browsing