Interaction Is The Key To Being Noticed.

Are you being noticed online? By people and by the search engines?

If you are like most bloggers and social networkers probably not. “Why is that?” I hear you ask. “I write blogs and share them on my social media sites, and shoot videos and post them on YouTube”

But do you like them and comment on them?

I see it all the time in groups that I’m in. They spend hours writing blog post(well if they are anything like me) Then they share it in groups and wait or move on to start their next blog. That’s it. That’s all they do. Then they wonder why no one likes, comments or shares their post or videos. Is This YOU?

Well that’s just not going to cut it. You are just not going to get found if that’s all you do.

So why do you blog, shoot videos, post picture and posts on social media?

  • Because someone (a mentor or coach) told you that is what you should do to build your business and your following?
  • You are passionate about something and love writing about it
  • You really want to share information and help others?

Whatever the reason is I bet you want people to read your posts, comment on them and share them with others and build your following


To achieve this you need to follow the golden rule. (Assuming you’re putting out great content)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  So what does this mean when it comes to blogging and the social media sites?

It’s simple

  1. If you want people to read that blog you spent hours writing, shooting and uploading videos and picture to. Then read other peoples blogs.
  2. If you want people to comment on your blog, then when you are reading other peoples blogs leave a comment. But not just “great post”, make sure that it shows that you have actually read the blog (for more about commenting)
  3. If you want people to like or +1 your posts then like and +1 other peoples posts
  4. If you want people to share your posts/video etc then you need to share other peoples posts videos etc.

In short to get interaction and engagement on your sites, pages and channels YOU need to interact and engage on other sites, pages and channels.

Here’s the bonus


Check this out to find out what you need to be doing

If you interact and be engaging on other sites, channels, pages and no one returns the favour. It doesn’t matter because when you are interacting and engaging you are being watched and noticed. “Big Brother Is Watching” well not actually big brother but the search engines are. You are creating links and backlinks to you and your site, that is if you have linked your social media pages/channels to your website. I will cover this in another blog.

I can hear you saying “I don’t have the time to do all this.”

Let me tell you something. You do have options

Option 1

You quit making excuses and you make/find the time because you want to make this happen and you realise that it’s not all about you. You get what you give, and you reap what you sow.

Option 2

You blog/post less frequently, like every other day instead of everyday. This will then give you time so you can comment, like and share other peoples blogs, posts etc on the day you are not doing your blog. And the fact is it doesn’t matter if you don’t blog/post every day, just as long as you are consistent with it.

Option 3

Keep doing what most people are doing or should I say not doing. And hope like hell that someone from option 1 or 2 finds your stuff and is kind enough to leave a comment and share your stuff.

Let me know your thoughts about interacting and engagement in the comments below

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Have an amazing day






Who Are The Six Figure Mentors

Who Are The Six Figure Mentors

You may or may not have heard of the Six Figure Mentors

I have heard some people call it a scam. But that is not my experience.

The Six Figure Mentor is the brain child of Stuart Ross, a very successful affiliate marketer that has made millions through promoting other peoples products. And was launched end of 2010.

Stuart has joined forces with Jay Kubassek from Carbon Copy Pro and Pro U. Jay has also made millions as an affiliate marketer.

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

The reason they set up The Six Figure Mentors(SFM) was because they were sick of seeing all the BS and hype that a lot of people in the industry were promoting and they wanted to help, teach, and train other, like you and me, how to build a successful online business and become an affiliate marketer and/or a digital entrepreneur. So you can replace your income and live a live of freedom. Freedom to live life on your terms. Whether that be so you can sent more time with your family, taking holiday when you want or building a retirement fund. It maybe all of these reasons.WE ARE THE SIX FIGURE MENTORS

So What Do You Get With The Six Figure Mentors

What you get is

  1. a step by step training program that you have to complete before you can proceed to the next step. It is broken into 5 modules with a number of steps in each module. (I will cover this in more detail in tomorrows blog)
  2. Weekly training marketing webinars where you are taught the up to date training that is working at present. This is because things online are change regularly.
  3. A founders call webinar where Stuart and Jay let you know what they are up to and what improvements on to training system they are working on.
  4. An Affiliate program where you can promote the SFM and earn commission on sales. As part of this there are sales pages, thank you pages, landing pages, ad banners and followup emails for you to use.
  5. The Digital Business Lounge. This has all the tool you need to run an online business. Like
    • Domain registration
    • Web-hosting
    • Simple Lead Capture. A tool for creating landing page and thank you pages
    • Simple Tracker for tracking your marketing
    • Tidy URLs for tidying up affiliate links and help brand your self
    • A WordPress installer and Word press 101 training so you can create your own website
    • and support
  6. A personal business coach
  7. The SFM community. An online community of like minded, supportive, positive people who are all part of the SFM. They are willing to help you and encourage you especially when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all you need to learn. The community is one of the best part of the SFM
  8. Them there are the live event where you get to meet Stuart and Jay and other member of the SFM where you can network and build alliances to help grow your business.

If you would like to know more about the Digital Economy and what is involved in building an online business. The SFM has a complimentary video training series for you. Just click the button below.oie_FmzafGBzzmeH


What you will learn in the video series is

Here is some of what you will discover in the rest of the video series

  • What the digital economy is, how it works and how it differs from the traditional economy
  • Some of the different ways you can make money online in your business. It does require you to invest time and money like building any business
  • The Digital Business Lounge (DBL). A digital business system that you can use to create and manage web-site, create landing pages, tract results etc
  • How easy it is to create a web-site with DBL Even for people that have no experience.
  • How to build a list. Then manage it correctly to generate an income from it. There is a right way and the wrong way (the way most people do it)
  • Multiple income stream and how it is essentual for a stable online business. You will learn 3 income streams 1. Residual/recurring income, 2. Now money products and services, and 3. High ticket products
  • How a couple of hard-working professionals with good careers and above average income worked hard, long hours, year in and year out. Then got made redundant. And what they did to reinvent themselves and now live the Laptop Lifestyle.
  • How with our digital business system you don’t have to build your business from scratch. So you can be up and running faster.

Keep an eye out for for tomorrows Blog about the Six Figure Mentor Training Modules

Have a fantastic day