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Online Business. Advantage And Disadvantages

If you are considering building an online business or taking an existing business online you may want to know some of the advantages and disadvantages

First the Advantages

  • Low start up cost. Because you don’t have to lease/buy premises and fit them out
  • You can work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop/ipad/tablet and internet access
  • Your hour can be flexible as you don’t have to be there when someone visits your website
  • Your market is not limited by a geographic location. You can target people all over the world
  • Low/no staff. You can run it your self
  • Low ongoing costs
  • Can be low – no stock costs2014-10-29_23-46-49


  • Can be lonely sitting behind a computer
  • Can be overwhelming in the early stages but it is the same with an offline business as well
  • Finding the right training as there are lots that like to sit behind their computers and promise the world but deliver not much
  • Finding what to promote/sell but you can have the same problem off line same well

If you are interested in starting and building an online business the training program that I am using is one of the best. Or I should say it is the best I have come across the believe me I have spent/wasted a quite bit a money on different program the have either just been BS or haven’t given the full story.

Online Business

Jay and Stuart

I am learning from a couple of young guys, Stuart and Jay(in their thirties) who have figured it out and made millions promoting other peoples products.  They have joined forces(as the SFM) to teach other like you and me how to do it. They also provide the tools to help run and manage your online business. Like registering a domain, web-hosting, lead capture page creator, tracking program plus more

There is also an online community for help, support, encouragement and masterminding. The community is one of the best benefits about the SFM.

Want to know more about this Training? We have a complimentary video training series where Stuart and Jay will tell you about the digital economy, how you can become part of it and build your own online business. Just click the button and enter your email on the next page oie_FmzafGBzzmeH