Planning To Fail

I Have Been Planning To Fail

Yes that is correct, you read it right. I have been planning to fail. You are probably thinking “That’s stupid! no one plans to fail”
Well I don’t actually have a plan on how I am going to fail as such. Just like I don’t have a plan of how I am going to succeed. The reasoning behind my statement “I have been planning to fail” is simple. I dare say you have heard the quote “If you fail to plan. You plan to fail” by¬†Benjamin Franklin

So I have failed to make a plan therefore I have been planning to fail.
And it is true
For several years now I have been work at building an online business. In that time I have bought a few different programs. I have learnt a lot, I have created web sites, written blogs, got on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Google +, shot and posted videos on YouTube, done banner ads, solo ads, etc
What have I achieved? Everything that I planned to achieve! No plan! No results!
What about you?
Do you have a plan for how you are going to achieve what you want to achieve in life? If you have well done. That put you in the top 1-5% (or there abouts depending who you’re listening to) of the population.
If not you are like me and most people you don’t.
Hey it is not our intention to fail, it is just that we don’t have a definite plan for how I am going to achieve what I want to achieve.
Why? We just haven’t got round to it, it isn’t much fun doing the sort or stuff or some other excuse.
A few days ago I was watching a couple of videos I shot a couple of years ago. One was onfoundations¬†Foundation for Home Internet Business, and the other was on Home Internet Business Plan. Planning videoThe advice I gave in these videos is on the money but I realized I hadn’t taken my own advice. Shame on me.
See! I am a real person and make the same mistakes that most people make.
However since watching those videos and hanging my head in shame. I have watched five videos on online business planning by Marie Santos ( and have been working my way through her “Maximize your Business Potential and Growth” steps 1-5
Step 1. Personal Evaluation
Step 2. Business Evaluation
Step 3. Market and Customer Evaluation
Step 4. Business and Online Marketing Plan
Step 5. Action and Implementation Strategy

business plan videos

Or watch all 6
Have you done a business plan?

How about starting on right now.

Let me know your thought below