You Must Respond To Feedback Make Your Dreams Come True

Today Jack talks about how ti is important to respond to feedback if you want to reach your goals.

Often as we are working towards our goals we can get off course and become distracted. That is when feedback can help us. Listening to feed back and letting it help you get back on course can help you get closer to your goals.

There are two types of feedback, negative and positive. We all like positive feedback but negative feedback can also be helpful.

How We Respond To Feedback

There are different way we can respond to feedback

  1. Ignor it and say this is my goals and I will do it my way, I don’t need advice from anyone because they don’t know what they are talking about
  2. Get upset and take it personnally and quit. Not a good option if you want to make your dreams come true
  3. Get angry and go off at the person giving the feedback
  4. Take it it on board and make adjustment to  so you can keep moving towards your goals

So enjoy the video and make sure you use feedback to stay on course

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 You Must Respond To Feedback Make Your Dreams Come True

Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True

The most important step to making your dreams come true is to take action. Jack Canfeild explains this in todays video.

You can have all the the knowledge, know what you really want, have written down specific goals in great detail and a date, be visualising you achieving your goals, and be doing affirmations very day. But if you don’t do anything to move you towards your goals do you think you will achieve them? Of course not. If you do nothing you get nowhere. You must take action

So why don’t poeple take action? They are afraid

  • Of what others might say
  • Of being rejected
  • they might achieve it
  • of the unknown

Fear has stopped a lot of people succeeding. Don’t let it stop you. Some can up with an acronym for fear. False Evidence Appearing Real which is often quite true.

So next time you are getting held back by fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway

enjoy the video

have an absolutely amazing day


Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True



Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

Hey How are you Doing

In these videos (yes there are 2 videos) Jack Canfield cover the importance of visualisation. It is one of the most important steps in making your dreams come true.

In the first video he demonstrates how  visualisation can help you achieve more than you expect.

If you visualise on regular basis it is proven that it can improve you results.

Jack explains how it works

In the second video He shares an example how a guy managed to change the drop-out rate for a middle school from 85% down to 15% through visualisation

He also shares his story how he made his dreams come true throught visualizing a million dollar cheque. Yes he did get a cheque for a bit over a million dollars

Are you visualizing what you want? If not why not? What have you got to loss?

Enjoy and have a awesome day


 Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals

Hi today we look at the next step to make your dreams come true with Jack Canfield co-author of the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series of books.

Vague goals and objective just don’t work because they are difficult to measure or determine if you have achieved then.  Eg I want to loose weight. So you loose 1kg have you reach your goal?  or I want to be rich. What is rich? How much money do you need to be rich? I better goal would be I want to earn $243 567 by 31 December 2013. You know exactly how much and by when.

Set big goals and break them down into smaller stepping stone goals that way the big goals won’t be so overwhelming.

To Make Your Dreams Come True  It Isn’t All About Reaching Your Goals

Goal aren’t always about getting there, it is more about who you become to get there. You become someone worth being.  It is about the journey. By Achieving big goals you acheive mastery, mastery of life. If you loss what you had work towards you could achieve it again because you now have the skills to get there and it would be much easier the next time.

Most people don’t acheive mastery because they just don’t set specific goals

Enjoy the video, take notes and put it into action

Have an amazing day


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 If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals