Today I have a couple of videos on what video marketing equipment you need to use when making videos for video marketing whether you are just beginning or have exerience with marketing using video.

The first shows you the equipment that cost a bit more, where the equipment in the second you can get for just over $100

Video Marketing Equipment Used By An Experienced Video Marketer(first video)

  1. The iphone, be it 4, 4S or 5, you can shoot good quality video. Mount it on a tripod with a glip ($10) and an audio KV cable you can them plug in a blue tooth mic, or a lapel mic (covered in the 2nd video)
  2. The Sony bluetooth mic ECMAW3 can plug into your KV cable and clip to your tripod. The mic them clips onto your shirt or you can use it as a hand held for doing interviews.
  3. The Sony handy-cam HDRCX570E video camera. Can be tripod mounted and the screen flips round so you can see what you are doing. You can also get a larger battery for it, a clip on blue-tooth (wireless) mic (Sony ECMHW2) and a clip on grip (GPAVT1) which has controls on. It has little legs that fold out to double as a mini tripod.
  4. The SLR 650D camera is more expensive over $1000 but the video quality is really good
  5. Sennheiser wireless mic costs about $700 but is high quality and discrete. It can clip onto the top of the SLR camera.

 Video Marketing Equipment On a Budget (second video)

  1. The kodak ZI10 play touch video camera. You can produce reasonable quality video and you can plug in an external mic be it wired or wireless. Although you probably want to get a sprae battery or 2 for it. The Zi10 is $70-$100
  2. Lapel mic . There are a variety available starting at around $20.
  3. Editing software for video marketing. You can use windows movie maker or if you have a Mac their equivalent. I now use camtasia. It is about $300 for the PC version and $99 for the mac, but you can also do screen capture video with it

If you have any questions, about video marketing or the equipment used, just leave them in the comment below and I will get back to you

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In this video blog I bring you more of the interview with Tom Breeze, public speaking coach, video marketer and video marketing coach/mentor.

In this video on how to get started with video marketing Tom Breeze shares some more tip.

If you find an expert in your field/niche and interview them. As part of the interview ask them ten questions. You can then split it up into ten videos, one from each question and answer. You then have ten videos you can publish to Youtube. If you then distribute them through the likes of Tubemogul which will get it out to 20 video hosting site. This will give you 200 videos out there promoting you.

What you can also do is get your videos transcribed, by someone on or similar site, which you can then publish as an article or on a blog

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Today I would like to share an interview I did with Tom Breeze, video marketing expert and public speaking coach.

Tom talks about what cameras you can start with. A Flip camera or Kodak ZI8 are both good.

You could even use a smart phone. Like the iphone 4 or 5, I guess the samsung Galaxy would be OK as well.

He also talked about how to structure your video.

  1. The intro. Tell what you are going to cover in the video
  2. The body. Go into detail on what you are covering
  3. Summery. Summarise what you have covered
  4. Call to action. Tell them what to do next. eg visit my website, or click like and leave a comment

Hope you enjoyed watching Tom

In my next Blog I will have more tips from  my Tom Breeze interview

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PS If you would like to learn video marketing click here to check out Tom’s webinar