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Today I would like to share with you the importance of a business plan if you want to succeed in a home internet business and create the internet laptop lifestyle.

When a ship leaves a harbour loaded with containers full of goods. It has a destination or goal it wants to get to. To get there the captain gets out his charts or computer and plots a course(plan) to get there. In his plan he will have way point(sub goals) so he can tell that he is heading on the right course. With out this plan he is very unlikely to get to his destination.

It is exactly the same if you are starting a Home Internet Business. You need to have a business plan with your goals and sub-goals so that you know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

What should you have in a in your home internet business plan?

  • The business name
  • Goal/vision of your business. What it’s about and what you want to achieve with it
  • What product/service are you going to sell
  • Who are you going to sell to (your target market or niche)
  • Your unique sell point or what makes you different form others in what market
  • What marketing strategy/ies will you use. video, social media(facebook, twitter, linked-in etc) articles, blogging, SEO, PPC etc
  • Way-points or short term goals for growing your business
  • The action you are going to take to get there

If you click on the resourses page there is a guide/template for you to write your plan

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