Hey I came across this video on Youtube today well I was looking for something else.

Daniel Wagner shares 19 internet marketing mistakes, mainly to do with your mindset or the way you think.

Check it out

They are:-

  1. Thinking it’s a get rich quick scheme
  2. Not willing to take full responsibility
  3. Focusing too much on negative stuff
  4. Not willing to live out of your confort zone
  5. Shiny objects syndrome or lack of focus
  6. Not willing to invest in ones education and business growth
  7. Afraid of making mistakes or experiencing failure
  8. Not willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
  9. Not focusing on creating value
  10. Not knowing how to manage finances
  11. Modelling after the one click scam artists
  12. Learning more than doing
  13. Not setting milestones and taking baby steps
  14. Freaking out over every change
  15. Not starting with the end in mind
  16. Trying to conquer every niche
  17. Not focusing on building passive income
  18. Having an employee’s mindset
  19. Don’t be an opportunity seeker

Do you suffer from any of these marketing mistake? Let me know in the comments below. I know I do and have to keep working to avoid them.

Have a fabulous day


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