Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True

The most important step to making your dreams come true is to take action. Jack Canfeild explains this in todays video.

You can have all the the knowledge, know what you really want, have written down specific goals in great detail and a date, be visualising you achieving your goals, and be doing affirmations very day. But if you don’t do anything to move you towards your goals do you think you will achieve them? Of course not. If you do nothing you get nowhere. You must take action

So why don’t poeple take action? They are afraid

  • Of what others might say
  • Of being rejected
  • they might achieve it
  • of the unknown

Fear has stopped a lot of people succeeding. Don’t let it stop you. Some can up with an acronym for fear. False Evidence Appearing Real which is often quite true.

So next time you are getting held back by fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway

enjoy the video

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Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True



Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

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In these videos (yes there are 2 videos) Jack Canfield cover the importance of visualisation. It is one of the most important steps in making your dreams come true.

In the first video he demonstrates how  visualisation can help you achieve more than you expect.

If you visualise on regular basis it is proven that it can improve you results.

Jack explains how it works

In the second video He shares an example how a guy managed to change the drop-out rate for a middle school from 85% down to 15% through visualisation

He also shares his story how he made his dreams come true throught visualizing a million dollar cheque. Yes he did get a cheque for a bit over a million dollars

Are you visualizing what you want? If not why not? What have you got to loss?

Enjoy and have a awesome day


 Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals

Hi today we look at the next step to make your dreams come true with Jack Canfield co-author of the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series of books.

Vague goals and objective just don’t work because they are difficult to measure or determine if you have achieved then.  Eg I want to loose weight. So you loose 1kg have you reach your goal?  or I want to be rich. What is rich? How much money do you need to be rich? I better goal would be I want to earn $243 567 by 31 December 2013. You know exactly how much and by when.

Set big goals and break them down into smaller stepping stone goals that way the big goals won’t be so overwhelming.

To Make Your Dreams Come True  It Isn’t All About Reaching Your Goals

Goal aren’t always about getting there, it is more about who you become to get there. You become someone worth being.  It is about the journey. By Achieving big goals you acheive mastery, mastery of life. If you loss what you had work towards you could achieve it again because you now have the skills to get there and it would be much easier the next time.

Most people don’t acheive mastery because they just don’t set specific goals

Enjoy the video, take notes and put it into action

Have an amazing day


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 If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals



First You Must Decide What You Want. To Make Your Dreams Come True

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In the second video of the making your dreams come true series. Jack Canfield take us throught the first Decide What You Want

I might seem obvious but a lot of people go through life and never decide what they want.

When deciding on the vision of what you want make sure you go big. It doesn’t matter how big it is because once you commit to it anything is possible. Often people don’t decide what they want because they don’t know how it is possible to achieve it because of the situation that they are in right now or because of the way they were brought up. like you can’t have this or that, that is being selfish.

The universe is full of abundance, there is enough for everyone and there is still heaps to spare.

Once you decide what you want tell others and suround your self with positive like minded people.  If people try and put you off or discourage you, thank them for there concern and move on

Enjoy the video, take note, put it into action and if you have any questions just leave in the comment below

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Decide What You Want. To Make Your Dreams Come True





Making Your Dreams Come True

Hey how’s it going

Today I want to share with you a video I came across on You Tube, well a series of videos title “Making Your Dreams Come True” presented by Jack Canfield co-author of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series of books which have sold millions of copies

This is the introduction and he shares a bit about him self.

He also shared a story of a boy

When I was a high school student there was a kid in my class that moved around and lived in the back of a truck,

his dad was a trainer,and he never lived anywhere more than a couple of months.So would never same at a school  more than a couple of months.

He had this dream though, he wanted to race or breedracing horses

The teacher at the school ask the kids to write a paper on “Wwhat do you want to do when you go up”

He got very excited cuz this was a chance to really go for his dream.

So he wrote down I want to raise thorough bred racing horses, and he drew a major diagram of  two hundred acre ranch with four thousand square foot house, and a race track with sables, and offices etc

It was very exciting  and he handed it in.

He got it back a week later with an F and a note “see me after class”

So he saw the  teacher and asked “how come i got an F?”

he said “You’re a poor kid living off the back of the truck, you know what land costs in this valley? do you know what it cost for breeding stock and for stud fees? This is an unrealistic dream for a young man like you. There’s no way you could ever achieve this. And it’s my job as a teacher to make sure you’re not go to be disappointed.”

“So I want you to write a more realistic dream for yourself and i’ll give you a higher grade.”


Well he went home any talked to his dad he said ” what should I do?”

His father said “I can’t tell you what to do with your life, but I will tell you this whatever you decide is probably gonna effect the rest of the your life, so think hard about it.”

He thought, he thought, and he thought. Now after week he went back to the teacher with the exact same paper

Hhe said “You can keep the F and I’m keeping my dream”

Years later he now has

  • four thousand square foot house
  • an is two hundred for acreage
  • income was over six

The reality is this poor boy made his dreams come true.

How did he do it?

Well that’s what you are going to find out in this series


Enjoy and have a fabulous day



Making Your Dreams Come True


Are You An Entrepreneur Or Opportunity Seeker?

There are six differences that I am going to cover today in this video blog

Before we get into it which do you think you are? Entrepreneur or Opportunity Seeker?

So what are the 6 differences

  1. An Entrepreneur will find an opportunity and seeing it potential, (other have been successful with it) will then say how can I make this work for me and sets about making it work. Where as the opportunity seeker find an opportunity works with it for a bit then sees another and is off after that one because he thinks its better. So he is constantly chasing opportunities
  2. When an Enprepreneurs fails. He goes ok what went wrong here, how can I aviod that happening again, learns from it, get back up and carries on towards his objective. But the opportunity seeker goes “Holy crap that did work well it wasn’t a very good opportunity anyway”
  3. When they come up against obsticles the entrepreneur look at it and work out
    How can I or I can't

    I can or I can’t

    how he can over come it and ask “How can I do it, How can I fix it, How can I move forward.” On the other hand the opportunity seeker will go “I can’t do it, I can’t move forward , this opportunity sux!

  4.  An entrepreneur will take responsiblity for what he does. He is responsible if some thing go wrong them he moves on and fixes it or overcomes it. The Opportunity seeker it is never his faulty, is was the economy, the internet, the wrong list, I was sent thr wrong thing etc etc. He blames everyone and everything
  5. The Entrepreneur is prepare to work hard because he know that in the end he is going to succeed. So all the hard work will be worth it in the long run. He can see the benefit of all the hard work. The opportunity seeker on the other hand is not prepare to put in the hard yard he doesn’t see the big picture. Another easier, better opportunity will come along
  6. The entrepreneur will do whatever it take to make his opportunity succeed. If that means working to all hours of the night, or making lunch instead of buying so he can afford to advertize, then that’s how it is. But the opportunity seeker ain’t prepare to do what it takes. He would rather quit than miss out on sleep or lunch etc.

Now the we have discussed the difference, let me ask you again “Are you an entrepreneur or an opportunity seeker”

Leave a comment or if you have any question just ask.

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Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market

Hi how’s going

You might think what a strange title. And purple cow? You can’t get a purple cow

I got this idea from Tom Breeze and he got it from Seth Godin. They said that you needed to be a purple cow if you wanted to stand out in your market. So I decided to go searching for a purple cow.

Discover what I found in my search for a purple cow when I was in Holland

I think I got the wrong idea from what they were trying to get across (maybe I am a little slow or something).

Really what they where talking about was if you are driving across the country and on either side of the road there are fields of grain, and there has been for the last 3 hours. Then suddenly you come across a field of cows. You that is remarkable.

But as you keep driving there are more and more fields of cows. The fields of cows are no longer remarkable, they are common. Now to be remarkable the cows would need to purple cows

Stand Out In Online Marketing

To stand out with marketing or in any market you need to be the purple cow in your market. You need to be remarkable, you need to be different, you need to be the breath of fresh air, you need to be doing what the competition is not doing.

So ask your self “How can I stand out?”, “How can I be the purple cow in my niche, business, or market


  • If they are are just blogging do video blogging
  • If they are just selling their product, sell your with a money back guaranty
  • If they have a money back guaranty, do a double your money back guaranty
  • If you have a shop offer your customer a tea or  coffee

Put your thinking cap on. I’m sure you will come up with something.

Be the Purple Cow be remakable

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 Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market