The Winning Attitude

You can choose to have a winning attitude or not

“Everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” Viktor Frankl

Yes people can influence your attitude but it is up to you if they do or not.

There are lots of negitive situation that we come accross in life. If you give in to these situations, you will react and loose. On the other hand if remain objective, you will stop and think about it and respond. This is the winners choice.

There are two sides to every situation negitive and positive. This is one of the laws of the universe. The law of polarity. Everything has an opposite. hot – cold, up – down, inside -outside, negitive -positive etc

Some people have a tendance to be always negitive and these epople seem to always have bad luck and not often succeed, you may be one of then. The reason for this is a person is what they think about all day long. This is another law of the universe. The law of cause and effect(aka the law of attraction) What we think about we attract to us.

Because negitive people think about negitive things all day, they attract negitive results and bad luck. Where as positive people think about positive things and attract positive result and good luck.

It is possible to change from being a negitive person to becoming a positive one

How can we use these laws this to our advantage and develope a positive attitude?

Lets take your job as an example. You spend a good part of your life at work (while most people do) Some bosses are good some are not. Lets say your boss is grumpy, mean, and never appreciate the effort that you put into your job. Every time you encounter your boss he/she never ahs anything good to say. This can bring you down.


Here are a couple of thing for you to thinks about every time you encounter your boss:-

  • Remember this quote “I don’t care what you think or say about me I am a worth while person” by Jack Cransfield.
  • You are blessed with the opportunity to strenghten your ability to maintain a positive attitude in a negative situation

Think about these two things every time you encounter your boss and you will soon start to look forward to these encounter. You will also find that the boss will start to change his attitude as well when he see that you are always positive.

A comment my teacher made to my parents when I was at school. She said “It’s is hard to tell Robbie off because he is always smiling”

Something else I often do on a Monday morning when I get into work. I jump in the air with my arms raised above my head and yell “Yay hey it’s Monday, five day till the weekend” It’s start my Monday off on a positive note. It is also interesting to see how my work mate react.

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Change your attitude to a Winning Attitude today

This is Robbie van’t Wout

have a fabulous day