3 Newbie Blogging Mistakes

3 common mistakes that blogger make when they first start blogging are

  1. Don’t set their Permalinks
  2. Keep their plugins up to date
  3. Don’t delete the sample post “Hello World”

I have done a video to show you how to fix these mistakes

Don’t Set Their Permalinks

The way you set you permalinks is on your dashboard,

Click “Settings” then click “Permalinks” and under common setting check “Post

Keep Plugins Up To Date

this is very simple. Click on plugins and it will tell you which ones aren’t up to date just click on up date and that’s done.

Delete “Hello World” Post

Having the “Hello World” post show you are new at the game . All you have to do is go into All Posts and find the “Hello World” post and click trash under it Done.

Back Up Your Site

Bonus tip make sure you backup your site regularly. You can do this by going into “Tools” and exporting your data. Or get a plugin called Backup Creator follow the instructions and it will save it to your computer

I hope these tips have been helpful. If you have any questions or problems leave a comment below and I will get back to you

have a wonderful day




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4 Responses to “3 Newbie Blogging Mistakes”

  1. C Steve Greenhalgh

    Back up your site is elemental… I wonder how many do tho… even tho there are several plugins that do it automatically for you 😉 Thanks Robbie

  2. Rachel Wilson

    thanks Robbie… I actually hadn’t done the first 2 only one i had done was delete the hello world…. So I just went and did them now. 🙂