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I have seen lately quite a number of people starting to get into shooting and posting a video a day on YouTube, for 90 days. A 90 day video challenge
This is a really good idea, as it get you over the fear of being in front of a camera, builds a habbit and also gives you consistant new material/content on your channel
You can also post these videos on your blog site giving you content on there as well
I have also noticed that most of them don’t really know what they are doing so I have put together 8 tips to help you look better in the eyes of the search engines and also the viewers.

  1. Purpose I know this 90 day challenge is suppose to push you out of your comfort zone and is therefore of benefit to you. And yes it is nice to count then off. But do you really need to tell everyone “this is day ___ of my ninety day challenge.” My thinking is that you want others to watch your videos and they aren’t at all interested in whether it is day 3 or 54. They want information or entertainment or both
  2.  Introduction. Introduce yourself and give yourself authority. “I am Robbie van’t Wout, founder of ……………….. or CEO of ……….. or something
  3. Keep It Short Keep your videos short and to the point. People don’t like watching long boring videos or you just babbling on for the sake of it.
  4. Call to Action. Give a call to action. Tell the viewer what you want them to do when they have watched the video. click on the link below and vist my web site. Or click like and leave a coment. I will reply to all comment. Or if you liked the video share with your friends.
  5. Clickable link. Put a clickable link in the first line of your description ( or to a landing page or where ever else you want them to go.
  6. Description. Fill in the description box under your video in YouTube. Telling people what your video is about. note more word is better than less. You can have up to 3000 characters, so use them because google/YouTube likes content
  7. Likes Comments.Find other people that are doing the same thing (90 day challenge) connect with them and commit to watching each others videos to the end, like them and leave a comment. It is also a good idea to subscribe to their channel. This is interaction. YouTube/Google like interaction and will therefore rank you higher
  8. Shooting with Smart phone If you are shooting on your smart phone. make sure you hold the camera horizontal (screen wider than high). To get better sound quality you can also get a mic headphone spitter/adaptor to plug in a lapel mic or a special mic designed to plug into your smart phone mic/headphone jack. You can get either on Ebay

I hope these tips have helped. If they have leave a comment or even feel free to share it.

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4 Responses to “8 Tips For Video Posting Beginners”

  1. Kelly

    Thank you for the tips Robbie! Very helpful… Havnt really known what to do with the videos… Loving the challenge though! 🙂