What Is More Important? A Facebook Page Or A Blog?

This is a very interesting question and something I wasn’t sure of until I came across a blog post by Jo Barnes from http://onlinemarketingaddicts.com/

Who is Jo Barnes you may ask? She a a Facebook expert, She started on-line on Facebook back in 2009 and has put out quite a number of Facebook courses(her latest is Facebook Domination) as well as other social media courses.

Here her blog

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fbpageorblog-1024x535You might even be asking why even have either?

Well here’s why;

Your blog or website is your home. This is where you get to give your opinion on news and events in your niche, guide others and give advice, publish great and valuable content and showcase products and services.

Your Facebook page and all the social networks for that matter are your distribution and relationship building channels.

Here you can post about your blog updates, distribute your valuable content and have dynamic real time conversations about yours and others opinions on news and events in your niche.

The added benefit of your Facebook page and social media networks are that you’re taking the Mountain to Muhammad, rather than the other way around.

Your audience are on the networks, not on your blog (yet), so by publishing and distributing your content on Facebook your audience get to see it without having to make any effort.

So with that in mind, the answer to the main question, “Which should you have a Facebook page or a blog” is of course both. The more important question is;

Which one should come first!

When I first fell over Facebook in 2010, I had nothing but a Facebook page for the best part of 18 months. All my content was published on my page, all my videos, articles, events, news, opinions and even announcements about my products etc.

It all went on my page and I was able to build a large audience in just a short amount of time.

That was of course back in the days of huge organic reach. We didn’t have to advertise much back then to get lots of engagement and interaction on our pages.

The Benefits of Sowing First!

However, even though times have changed there’s merit in publishing a lot of your personally created content directly on Facebook.

In fact if you take a look at Brendon Burchards Facebook Page he creates a video, adds it to his tumblr blog, then creates images and articles from his video content and puts that directly on his Facebook page, sometimes with links to his tumblr blog sometimes without.



Kim Garst is another great example of someone who puts a lot of imag

es and content on her page without the need to link out to her site all the time (notice the blog url is cleverly used on all images though)





Mari Smith is a fantastic example of someone who hardly EVER links out to her content, but constantly links to everyone elses’s – quite possibly the most inclusive person online today!

Your Content ‘Farm’

What I’m saying by giving these examples is that although your website is your ‘content farm’ or ‘factory’ as Michael Hyatt would put it, the bulk of the ‘sowing’ is done on your Facebook page or social media networks.

And what comes first sowing or reaping?

Not only that, but let’s be honest, which is easier and will happen faster? A Facebook Page or a Website?

Exactly! Not only is it easier and faster to get a Facebook page live, but it’s also faster and easier to get in front of an audience. Without wishing to sound crass – Money loves speed – the quicker you can help people and add value the faster you can build a community.

So make it easy on yourself and get out there and sow!

Create your Facebook page, build your community, build those relationships and guess what. When you launch your website, you’ll have an instant audience!

Steps to Take if You’re Just Starting Out

  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Fill with great content including the kind of articles you would post on a blog and also link back to others, share information and generally be awesomely valuable (not strictly a word but you know what I mean!
  3. Start building your blog on the backend
  4. Convert some of your FB articles to full blown blog articles
  5. Continue to grow using your blog as your content ‘farm’ and Facebook as a distribution channel

Take Your Facebook Page to the Next Level even If You’re Just Starting Out

  1. Create a simple conversion funnel and add to a tab on your page
    1. Create a Pinned Post about the tab
    2. Use FB Ads to build your community and grow your audience

    In summary, you need to remove any bottlenecks or barriers to your progression and begin to build your community and your relationship with your community as soon as possible.

    Don’t wait until you have a perfectly branded website or a content rich blog, use social media to expedite your exposure, that’s what it’s there for.

    As a good friend of mine always says – Get it done, then get it right!

    I would love to know if this post is going to inspire you to to take some action right now.

    Comment below and let me know, what’s holding you up from making progress?



Please visit Jo Barnes’ blog http://onlinemarketingaddicts.com/ She provides an awesome amount of valuable content in her blogs. And I would highly recommend visiting her site.

I hope you enjoyed what Jo had to share in this blog

So having read this what do you think is more important? A Facebook Page or a Blog?

please leave your comments below

Have an amazing day


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10 Responses to “What Is More Important? A Facebook Page Or A Blog?”

  1. Yvonne Patrick

    What fabulous information. I’ve been really hesitant about starting an FB page, but after reading this article, I can see how crucial it is to gaining a faithful following. Thanks for the fabulous share

  2. Alicia Key

    Great topic Robbie. What do I think is more important? I would say blog as you can distribute through many different avenues not just facebook. Although I do love facebook as a community and social site and has a wonderful network of people and niches. Awesome discussion points here. Thanks for sharing.

  3. KimHardin

    Great info! I have a FB page started, but haven’t been doing much with it. I need to tie it in with my blog, I guess. Thank you for the links! 🙂