About Me

Hi I’m, Robbie van’t Wout, a Thinking Into Results facilitator who enjoys helping people, like you, create the life they want and reach their fantisies.

I work enthusiastically with individuals, groups and companies to assist them in discovering their hidden desires, reaching their true potential and achieving their personal and professional goals. I’ve been studying personal growth and development for more than twelve years and have now turned my passion into a business to help other, like you, live a happier, healthier, more abundant life.

Until recently I was an engineer/tradesman who assembled, installed and serviced vegetable processing machines. I’ve also served in the NZ Army for 12 years as a Fitter Turner,  ran my own pizza business for 7 years and have dabbled me various other thing like real estate and MLM. Over the last five years, in my spare time, I’ve been helping, guiding and providing support for people starting their own online businesses. I found I really enjoyed and got a great deal of satisfaction from it which is why I am now taking it to the next level.

I love the outdoors, tramping, Mt biking, running and kayaking and has been known to compete in single and multi-day multisport events like the famous Coast to Coast in New Zealand.
I am a growth and goal oriented person who gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping others to grow, develope and stretch themselves so they can fulfill their wants and dreams
I’ve recently left my job so I can focus on helping others. Are you ready? Would you like to create the life you’ve been dreaming of? What holding you back?

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