Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True

The most important step to making your dreams come true is to take action. Jack Canfeild explains this in todays video.

You can have all the the knowledge, know what you really want, have written down specific goals in great detail and a date, be visualising you achieving your goals, and be doing affirmations very day. But if you don’t do anything to move you towards your goals do you think you will achieve them? Of course not. If you do nothing you get nowhere. You must take action

So why don’t poeple take action? They are afraid

  • Of what others might say
  • Of being rejected
  • they might achieve it
  • of the unknown

Fear has stopped a lot of people succeeding. Don’t let it stop you. Some can up with an acronym for fear. False Evidence Appearing Real which is often quite true.

So next time you are getting held back by fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway

enjoy the video

have an absolutely amazing day


Take Action To Make Your Dreams Come True



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