Adwords Suspension

Adwords Suspension

When I first got into building an online business I was all keen and excited. Following the instructions

I was told you need a authority site. That’s a site where you post your blogs, and have an “about me” page, a “contact me ” page etc.

note. This is my authority site so feel free to have a look around and learn a bit about me(Robbie)

I was also told to have another site for your promotions. You know for your sales pages, landing pages and thank you pages. So I did that as well

Then I decided to run some Google adwords campaigns. Off I went and created a few ads.

I was going to help the world transform their live and make money while I was at it. I can’t remember what ads were, but along the lines of “make money online” and sent them straight to a landing page. The results were dismal and the cost was high so moved onto something else and forgot about my adwords account.

Well earlier this year I thought I would try some ads on YouTube so went into to my adwords account and here’s what I saw


So I did some investigating. I clicked here, I clicked there, opened this page and that page, read policies but I could figure it out. So I asked for clarification from Google. Then waited and waited . A week or so later I got an explanation.

“We confirm that your site ( has been suspended for violating our User Safety – Get rich quick policy. In response to multiple complaints received from users and publishers about this category of ads, it’s Google’s policy to not accept ads that present a poor site experience to our users.” 

So I thought I will fix the problem and got rid of all my site(including the one at fault) that just had landing pages etc. I also sorted out all my site and made sure there was nothing along the lines of get rich quick or make money online

I then replyed to there email and listed all my site and told them I no longer owned the Could I get my account unsuspended?

I got the same reply back. I was confused and seeing the option to phone them decided to try that today

So I rang then gave all the details etc then explain the situation and that I got rid of the site and no longer own the domain.
Here’s how the conversation went from there.
He said “I understand all but until that domain complies with Google adwords policy your account will remain suspended.”
I said ” So you mean to tell me that I need to purchase that domain back” with a note of sarcasm and disbelief
he replied “Yes”
Me “And if I redirect it to my other site is that ok.”
Him “No. You can’t redirect or park it,”
Me “So I will need create a website with information on it?”
Him “Yes and promote something else.”
Me ” Oh OK. Thanks for your help”

Now how bizarre is that?

So this evening I have repurchased that domain and I am now about to create a website

I hope you found it as a amusing as I have. Share your Thought in the comments below.

Have an amazing day






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