Why A Life Coach or Personal Coach?

I am so excited I have got myself a personal coach or life coach.
I have never had one before so it is a new experience.
So why do we need a personal coach or life coach.
Well you probably don’t need one if you want to be like most people and live life as it comes. Reacting to what ever life throws at you. You just don ‘t need one.
I thought I didn’t need one either. But I haven’t been getting the result I want in my life.
To help answer that question you might want to consider this question “Why do athletes or sports teams have a coach?”
It is because coaches see thing from a different perspective. They see thing that the team or athlete doesn’t see because they are involved in the activity.
They are also there to give then direction, encouragement, to get them to push themselves that little but further when they would have other wise stopped. They can give tips on where things can be improved. Basically without a coach the athlete/team just would not reach the top of their game.

A personal coach is similar.
Personal coaching is about getting the very best out of someone and enabling them to make decisions that will improve their life. People have coaches for very many different reasons, some are

  •  to help move your career along faster;
  •  to feel more fulfilled at work;
  •  to improve relationships with family and partners;
  •  to learn parenting skills that benefit both the child and parent;
  •  to gain a spiritual meaning to life, or
  •  to just ‘get sorted’.

A coach is someone who will enable you to improve, motivate you and hold you accountable to your goals and enable you to grow. Some of the benefits of have a personal coach are:-

  • Time to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve.
  •  To achieve greater results in less time.
  •  Someone to help with your personal development
  •  Someone to challenge, motivate and support you.
  •  Someone to enable you to come up with a fresh approach to an old problem.
  •  A sounding board to discuss your issues and test out your ideas.
  •  Someone to hold you accountable and keep you committed.
  •  Someone to help create an action plan and support you in achieving it.
  •  Someone to provide unconditional support and praise.

Did you know that if you write down your goal you are 40% more like to reach them, if you tell someone it goes up to 60% and if you have a coach you are 95% more likely to reach them.
Do you want to achieve your goals? Then go and get yourself a coach!


Today I was working on two jobs at work. One was a milk tanker trailer and the other was a bulkie (a fertilizer spreader truck)

The milk tanker trailer required me to take off the mud-guards, supporting brackets and the suspension air bags. This required me to climb under the trailer (where the back sets of wheels are) and undo bolts that were covered in road grime, dirt and gravel (they do a lot of gravel road driving). Where does this go? on the floor and over me.

The fertilizer spreader required a rubber seal, that runs the length of the bin and stops the fertilizer going off the side conveyor belt, to be replaced.  Where do bulkies drive? Everywhere, through paddocks/fields spreader fertilizer. And they get covered in shit. Do they clean them before they bring them in to be fixed? Nah. It had to be unbolted from under the bin between the wheels. Another job that you get covered in crap.

When I got home I didn’t go for my Mt bike ride. I went and jumped in the shower and got cleaned up.

Why do I tell you this?

Days like this are the reason that when I get home after work I spent the evening sitting at my computer

  • learning how to be a digital entrepreneur,
  • working on my website,
  • writing blog,
  • posting in social media site,
  • building my online business and
  • chatting with other like minded people who are doing to same.

I am working towards replacing my income from my job by creating a online business.

Have a fantastic day





Google Hangouts

What do you know about Google Hangouts

Google hangouts are way better and more versatile than skype calls. Sure there are a lot of similarities.

I came across this video interview about them and thought it was worth sharing

My friend Jo Barnes is interviewing Ronnie Bincer (the google hangouts expert). Jo does some awesome interviews and this one is no exception

This is what Jo had to say about Ronnie “I always enjoy interviewing Ronnie. He’s so easy to chat to and generous with his information. As a gentleman who has been involved in Video Optimization and SEO for years, hangouts were like a dream come true for Ronnie!”

In this interview they talk about why you should be using google hangouts

Some of the different uses are:-

  • Chatting with friends
  • recording interviews
  • Business conference calls
  • On Air hangout. and how you can use it as a webinar
  • plus much more

To get updates on hangouts here is Ronnies link http://www.thehangouthelper.com/

If you would like to know more about Google + and hangout Jo Barnes has a Google +  video course. Just click below to get hold of it

Discover Google+ 2013


Google Hangouts

The Right To Be Rich

The Right To Be Rich

The right to be rich is part of the Science Of Getting Rich

Yes it is your right to be rich. Not just a right but a mandate from the universe to be rich. Not just financially but also mentally, socially and spiritually. In fact in all areas of your lifebigstockphoto_Success_Concept_Woman_With_Lo_3346184

It doesn’t matter what you say about the virtues of being poor, The fact remains that you can’t develop to your full potential, in mind body and soul without out the use of things and things cost money. If you have no money there is not much you can do to help yourself let alone others

The object of all life is development, and everything that lives has an inalienable right to all the development it is capable of attaining.

The person who owns all they want so they can live the life they are capable of living is rich, and no one who doesn’t have plenty of money can have all they wants. Life has advanced so far and become so complicated that even the most ordinary person need a lot of wealth in order to live in a manner that even approaches completeness. Everyone naturally wants to become all that they are capable of becoming. It is just human nature to want more, we just can’t help wanting to be all we can be. Success in life is becoming what you want to be. You can only become what you want to be by using things, and you can’t have things unless you are rich enough to afford them.

abundanceThere is nothing wrong with desiring to be rich. So you can live a richer fuller more abundant life. You are not normal if you don’t desire more. Everyone dreams. You often hear them talking about what they would do if they won lotto or got an inheritance. So you see it’s quite normal.

Here is an extract from “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles

A person’s highest happiness is found in the bestowal of benefits on those he loves; love finds its most natural and spontaneous expression in giving. The individual who has nothing to give cannot fill his place as a spouse or parent, as a citizen, or as a human being. It is in the use of material things that a person finds full life for his body, develops his mind, and unfolds his soul. It is therefore of supreme importance to each individual to be rich. It is perfectly right that you should desire to be rich. If you are a normal man or woman you cannot help doing so.

It is perfectly right that you should give your best attention to the science of getting rich, for it is the noblest and most necessary of all studies. If you neglect this study, you are derelict in your duty to yourself, to God and humanity, for you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself.


Here is a free PDF “The Science Of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattle. Just Click it

Or for the Audio Study Program “The Science Of Getting Rich”  by Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and Michael Beckwith. It is based on the book “The Science Of Getting Rich” byWallace D Wattles

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The Gut Buster, Garston to Bannockburn Mountain Bike Ride

The Gut Buster is a Mountain bike ride/race from Garston to Branockburn, 75 km long, held annually the last weekend in November.

One of my mates did it last year and was going it again this year and suggested that I come along and do it as well
As I have done event before I thought yea no worries, if he can do so can I. I’m 10 years younger than him and I’m reasonably fit. I entered and went for a 4 hour training ride with him two weeks before over hilly terrain. Had no problems.
I had meant to do a couple more mountain bike ride before the race. But it never happened.
Race day
I loaded up me bike and all the gear I needed and drove the hour and a half. Just as arrive it starts pouring down. But that passes and I meet up with my mates Shane, Stu and Link. Got myself ready and put my spare gear in their vehicle.
They were giving me a bit of stick about my 19 year old bike and the fact that I didn’t have bananas and all the other supplements. I new better, I had done these sorts of events before. (last event was 10 years ago)
The Gut Buster started and off we went a couple of kms or so on the flat, then we hit the first hill 12 km with a 1:14 gradient. No worries down a few gears then down some more and ops oh shit I can’t go down any more cause I in my lowest. This is harder than I thought. I keep going. need more air. legs starting to hurt. Oh well time to stop catch my breathe. Hey I ‘m a wee way up now can’t be to far till the top. I look up oh no there are people way up there. Maybe I’m not even half way up the first hill yet. I start walking , people are still going past me but I’m not loosing a lot of ground walking and I’m sure as hell not going back down. My mates (Shane and Link)come past “You all right?” they ask. “Yea just ran out of gears” I reply.  
 I push on walk a bit ride a bit, next bend next post just keep going. My mates support vehicle is at the top if I can get there i can catch a ride to the finish. I keep going getting higher nearer the top. The wind picks up, its cold. I do up my jacket that I had undone further down the hill. Just got to make it to the top, but still can’t see it. 
Oh whoow this view is spectacular. Stop take a picture chance for a break.phonecamera 273
Keep going, the legs are hurting, starting to get a bit of cramp.
I finally get to the top, taken just over an hour an a half. Where the support vehicle? ah maybe it’s a little past the top. I keep going but still no vehicle. Oh well not so bad it’s down hill now, it’s easier. This is great I love the down hills. Don’t know what it is but I seem to be faster than others down hill. phonecamera 275
It then turns to undulating flat slightly down with quite a few fords. That means wet, cold feet but I keep going. How the heck am I going to make it up the last 8 km long hill. “don’t think about that” I tell myself. Just keep going
“Aaah shit” I have cramp in both legs. I get off my bike, stagger and collapse on the bank beside the track. I munch on some chocolate and think I’ll wait for the tail end Charley to pick me up. Other go past “Are you all right mate” they ask. “Yea just got cramp” I reply. 
After a few minutes it eases. I could be waiting for ages to catch a ride outa here. So off I go again. 
The cramp come and goes a bit but I push on.
Then I came to a guy with his bike upside down, he had broken his chain. There were a few  people standing round. One guy had the tools and a joiner link.  “Does anyone know how to fix this” he asks “Yea I can” I reply . So I stopped and fixed it for him. A good excuse for a rest. 
We carried on more undulation and more fords. Feet are still freezing. Past an old mining camp with stone cottages. 
Through another ford up a bit of a rise, cramp hits again, I push on a couple a hundred metre to the check point.
Most riders call out their number and keep going. Not me or the rest of the group that stopped for the broken chain. It’s another chance for a break, get some more water. And to my surprise they had a bbq so had a couple of sausages and a cup of coffee and a bit of a chat and got to find out a bit about the hill to come.
Only about 20 something km to go but eight was up hill. I was dreading that. So I push on 2 km and then we’re into it the eight km climb. Ride a little, walk a lot, then stop and stretch and repeat. The bonus was those that were riding were’t going much faster than me walking. Then a support vehicle came along. The lady stop and had a chat. I mentioned I was getting cramp. So she gave me some spray bottle stuff to spray under my tongue I can’t hurt to try it. It worked I reversed the trend. I was now walking a little and riding a lot. 
A little further up the hill me mate’s, who had the broken chain. brakes were rubbing, making a her of a noise not to mention making it harder to ride, so I adjusted that for him and we carried on. The potion was working a treat
I finally got to the top. Now the good part the down hill. It was amazing, the view was spectacular as well so stopped and got a picture  then carried on.phonecamera 276
Once at the bottom it was only a few kms to the finish with a couple of hundred metre climb up into Bannockburn and the finish YAY. 5 hours 55 minutes very knacker and glad I made it to the end.
Shane, Link, and Stu all congratulate on getting to the finish. Stu finished an hour quicker and Shane and Link 50 minutes quicker than me.
What Have I Learnt From This?
Training is very important.
Never give up. 
It is amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it
Make sure your prepare properly.
These lesson can be applied to anything you do or want to do
Will I do it again? If you had asked me during it the answer would have been NO! But I probably will do it again but I will take on board the lessons learnt.



The Gut Buster, Garston to Bannockburn Mountain Bike Ride

You may or may not know, but my dad passed way a couple of weeks ago.
Is it then a time for sorrow, mourning and grieving or should we be happy, rejoice and reflect on the life of a man who had an impact on a lot of people.
I loved my dad and sure he will be missed by all, especially my mum who has been married to him for also 60 years. But he is now where he has wanted to be for a number of years. He believed the bible and often said we are given 3 score years and ten. (In modern terms 70 years) He lived till he was eighty eight so we had him for a bonus of 18 years for which I am thankful. It also means that 9 grandchildren got to meet their Opa. And all 25 of his grandchildren got to know him and now have good memories of him. 
So who was my dad, Jan Dirk van’t Wout, 
He was born 2 Nov 1925, in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. The third child  and first boy of seven children.EPSON MFP image His family was poor with very little material possessions, yet had a happy childhood. He left school at the age of 12 and went to work at the local tomato growers in order to help support the family.
He was a teenager during WW2 and joined the Dutch Resistance. After the war he joined the Dutch Army and went to fight in Indonesia.EPSON MFP image But he told us very little about these experiences. I think there were 2 reasons for that 
1. War is horrible and most who experience it talk very little about it.
2. He didn’t want us to know what he had to go through.
After Indonesia he couldn’t settle down in Holland. So imagrated to New Zealand in 1952
Met my mum and were married January 1954. 
They had five boys and a girl. I was the second youngest.
He spent 23 years dairy farming and then bought a market garden and did that until he retired. He was always a hard worker.
He taught us how to work by working with us.
He would say if you want pocket money go and earn it.
On the market garden he said there is land there grow what you want there is more land than I can handle. He supplied the land, the seed and fertilizer we had to do the work and got half the profit
I have learnt a lot from him.
But the things that really stand out are:-
  • When you start a job you should finish it
  • If a jobs worth doing it’s worth doing well.
  • Always buy with cash don’t use hire purchase or buy on terms.
  • Don’t go into partnership.
  • Get a trade then you always have something to fall back on if you try something else.
  • He never complained
He was a quiet man except when he was back in Holland. Then he was a different man he would talk to anyone and make jokes and have fun. He was a dutchman even though he sent most of his life here in New Zealand. He flew both the NZ and Dutch flags outside his home.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
He did have a sense of humour and enjoyed having a laugh.
I am sure he would have found this story amusing.
The morning he died the undertaker arrived. Three of my brother and four nephew were there. As the undertaker got out of his car the rubbish collection truck picked up our wheely bin and empted it. One of then said “We’re Dutch and cheap but not that cheap” EPSON MFP image
He is now gone to be with his Lord and Maker and is also reunited with his brothers and sister who have all passed on before him. Not to mention many of his friends.
Yes we will still miss him
But we are happy and joyful that he is where he wants to be.
And I am the person I am today because of my dad. Thank you dad I really appreciate all you did for us.
your son Bob

What is the secret to success?

Tonight I was watching a movie Kung Fu Panda and got to thinking
Kung_Fu_Panda "I have the secert to success. Come and get it"
What is the secret to success? Is there a secret to success?
The characters in the movie were training to be the dragon warrior so they could get the dragon warrior scroll which contained the secret.

It is rather like real life. People have struggled with this question many centuries.
They strive to find it, they work their butts off in pursuit of it.
Lots give up and resign themselves to a life of failure and disapointment because they believe it is too hard.
Some even sell the idea that there is a secret and they have the answer. And a I guess that they are getting their success by doing that. They are creating it for themselves by promoting the myth.

Back to the movie when they finally got to open the scroll it was blank. As in there was no secret, no special formula, nothing there.

That is how it is in live there is no secret to success.  If you believe you can succeed, just you will as long as you don’t quit, you will succeed.
On the other hand if you believe that there is a secret to success, or that you can’t succeed then there is no way that you will

You! yes you

YOU! Yes You must believe in yourself

So go to the mirror have a look at yourself because there in lies the secret to your success. Tell yourself you are going to succeed and Believe It because YOU! yes You are going to succeed

Have a great day you successful person






What is the secret to success?

How  Does Pole Vaulting Push You To Success

Here Is an email I got from Bob Proctor today and thought it was worth sharing with you

When I was a youngster in school, I participated in track and field. I suppose we all did to one degree or another. Pole-vaulting was my specialty; it was the one event I seemed to do much better at than others.

I clearly remember sending that cross bar flying more often than I cleared it. I also remember being very critical of myself when that happened. I suppose knocking the bar off left me with a feeling that I had failed, that I had missed the mark. Unfortunately, nobody ever advised me of any differently.
vaulting to success
Looking back today, years older and hopefully much wiser, I often wish that someone had helped me and my friends to understand that we weren’t failing when we knocked the cross bar off – we were succeeding. Every time we did make it over the bar, the teacher would raise it to a new height and for the next few vaults the bar would go flying again, which was actually a good thing. In reality, it caused us to stretch, to do more than we thought we could do. Had they left it at the same height, in a short time we would have been clearing the bar without effort and would have probably lost interest in the sport. There wouldn’t have been any challenge left in it for us.

Many years ago Earl Nightingale explained, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Although reaching the goal is always a rewarding experience – it’s not success in itself. Success is moving toward the goal and the obstacles and lessons we learn by going beyond what we think we can do. When we were knocking down the cross bar, we were attempting to reach the goal and were stretching, giving it everything we had. That could hardly be considered failing.

Every time we ran down the field, lowering the pole into the box, trying to vault ourselves over the bar, we were challenging ourselves. That, in itself,is the only useful purpose of a goal. When you challenge yourself, you are bringing more of yourself to the surface. If you knock the bar flying today, go at it again … you’re definitely moving in the right direction.

You’re a success,

Interesting Image

Bob Proctor

PS – If you’d like to change your world once and for all … To start living the life that up to this point you’ve only dreamed about – and achieve the huge goals you really want but have been reluctant to set. Click Here

I you liked Bob story


Pole Vaulting To Success

What Is Google Plus And Why You Should Be On It?


First some facts
Google Plus Facts

  • There are 500 million users (Dec 12) of which 235 million are active a month. I know still not as many as facebook
  • but they have only been around since June 2011.
  • The google +1 (google like button) is served more than 5 million times daily.
  • 67% are males

 What does Google plus have?


Circles are groups of friends, people you know, people you want to follow.

The difference between people in your circles and the likes of your friends in facebook is. People in your circles don’t have to have you in their circles. So if you want to follow what someone is posting you just add them to one of your circles.

You can have a circle for each group of friend family and acquantances. And you can select what updates you want to receive from what circles

You can share your thought with the world or keep it private to selected people(circles)

google circles


Hangouts are live communication with your friends. A bit like a skype call but better.

Google + hangout
  • You can just have audio
  • or video and audio
  • You can share your screen eg to show someone how to do something
  • Up to 10 people can be in a hangout
  • It is free



You can create communities with people who share your interests

They are a place where you can share ideas, passions, information, photos, videos, plan event or even have hangout

They can be private or public.


This is for local business. If you have a local business you really need to have a business page in here if you want to be found by the search engine. And as google is the biggest search engine being on their local platform is going to help.

By adding your address it will then show your location on google maps.

google + local


By registering with analytics you can then see how many people are visiting and clicks you are getting to your posts

can track visitors from all referer including search engines and social media, direct visits and referring sites.


Pages are for businesses, products, group, brands etc so the can have a presence on Google +. They are like your personal google + page.

They can have more than one person managing the page and if the owner decides they no longer want to be a part of it they can transfer ownership to someone else.

 Google Plus is more than a social media platform. It is a social layer to google itself. It has many feature and tools

If you are running an online business or even thinking about an online business. If you want to be found, you need to be on google plus even though it is still relatively new on the seen it is only going to get bigger.

So start building your presence even if you only spend an hour a week.

You will see the benefit in the long run

Have an awesome day


What Is Google + And Why You Should Be On IT

I was on a call the other day and thought I would share what I learnt

 The Topic Was Testing and Tracking

Testing and tracking can be a very boring but very essentual part of running a successful busness online

Why you may ask?          student.psd

It you don’t you could be throwing money away on advertising. And you won’t fully understand which ads are working and which are not.

 Testing Link

Testing link may seem obvious but do you test all your links every time? I know I am guilty of not doing it. It’ll be all right.

I heard of one marketer that copied the wrong link into there landing page on a thousand dollar solo campaign. They got no leads, they all went to the product provider. (an expensive lesson when you are starting out)

Another reason all link must work. It makes you look more professional. If someone click on a link that doesn’t work, what are they going to think? Are they likely to trust you or come back again


What link do you check? Every link

  • all the links to your to your landing page
  • links to videos
  • the opt-in from
  • the thank you page
  • product links
  • payment links,

Get the idea.

Testing Ads

Testing ads is making sure your ads are converting, the traffic source is good and you are getting a good optin in rate.

 First the ad it’s self

Test the wording by split testing. Test any pictures also by split testing. But don’t change the pictures and the text at the same time.

Test the traffic provider

Solo Providers

Not all traffic is equal. Even though the solo providers may claim that there list is super responsive. Some lists respond better than others. The idea is to test small and measure your results. If you are getting good results go a little bigger, just in case they sent the best leads first.

You also need to build a relationship with the solo provider. If you are continuing to get good results then ramp it up gradually.


Again test small first. Like $10 per day.

Try changing, headline, copy and images but only change one component at a time.

With facebook you can have more targeted traffic so should get a better conversion rate.

But remember to measure and record your results with each change you make.

With any traffic remember

  • Start small
  • Step up gradually
  • GrowSteadily

Success takes time


What should you track?

You need to what               trackings

  • campaign (solo provider, facebook, youtube etc),
  • the ad you are using,
  • number of clicks
  • opt-in rate
  • the amount you sent
  • sales


It is a good idea to create a spread sheet to record all this information

You can then work out what it costs for each sale and work out whether it is worth while


Lets say for example you buy 1000 click at for $500, that is 50c/click

If you get a 30% optin that give you 300 on your list that is now $1.66/lead

and 5% buy your $20 produce. That works out at 15 x 20 = $300

You have lost $200 on that campaign

However if you have up grade produces in your funnel say for $100 and 20% buy that is 3 x 100 = $300. You are now in profit and you still have 300 people on your list that you can direct market to in the future


As you can see if you don’t track and record you would have no idea if your money is well spent


In Summary


Test all your link every time you set up a new ad, ad campaign, landing page or thank you page.

Test ads and traffic sources to see how well they are converting

And Track you results so you know what is working and cost effective.


Testing And Tracking