Today I have a couple of videos on what video marketing equipment you need to use when making videos for video marketing whether you are just beginning or have exerience with marketing using video.

The first shows you the equipment that cost a bit more, where the equipment in the second you can get for just over $100

Video Marketing Equipment Used By An Experienced Video Marketer(first video)

  1. The iphone, be it 4, 4S or 5, you can shoot good quality video. Mount it on a tripod with a glip ($10) and an audio KV cable you can them plug in a blue tooth mic, or a lapel mic (covered in the 2nd video)
  2. The Sony bluetooth mic ECMAW3 can plug into your KV cable and clip to your tripod. The mic them clips onto your shirt or you can use it as a hand held for doing interviews.
  3. The Sony handy-cam HDRCX570E video camera. Can be tripod mounted and the screen flips round so you can see what you are doing. You can also get a larger battery for it, a clip on blue-tooth (wireless) mic (Sony ECMHW2) and a clip on grip (GPAVT1) which has controls on. It has little legs that fold out to double as a mini tripod.
  4. The SLR 650D camera is more expensive over $1000 but the video quality is really good
  5. Sennheiser wireless mic costs about $700 but is high quality and discrete. It can clip onto the top of the SLR camera.

 Video Marketing Equipment On a Budget (second video)

  1. The kodak ZI10 play touch video camera. You can produce reasonable quality video and you can plug in an external mic be it wired or wireless. Although you probably want to get a sprae battery or 2 for it. The Zi10 is $70-$100
  2. Lapel mic . There are a variety available starting at around $20.
  3. Editing software for video marketing. You can use windows movie maker or if you have a Mac their equivalent. I now use camtasia. It is about $300 for the PC version and $99 for the mac, but you can also do screen capture video with it

If you have any questions, about video marketing or the equipment used, just leave them in the comment below and I will get back to you

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Brand You

Hi how’s it going?

I have just started with the Digital Expert Academy and want to share with you something I learnt

Brand You

People buy from people they know like and trust

So when building your on line business you need to build your business around YOU or “Brand You”.

Step 1 Define Brand You

First you need to define “Brand You”

To do this you need to think about you and ask yourself these questions

  1. How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else

  2. How do you brand yourself No.1 in your industry/niche so your prospects see you as there best solution to their problem

  3. How can you get brand loyalty like Apple, Coke, Nike, McDonalds etc

  4. What is your brand today?

  5. What would you like it to be?

  6. What are your core values?

  7. What do you stand for?

  8. What makes you unique?

  9. What can you share with others?

  10. What is your story?

Step 2 Brand Statement

Creating your brand statement is about making a promise to your self and your customer/prospects

Write about your core values that make you stand out from the competition and other in your market or niche. Which you have established by answering the question in step 1

Step 3 Build Brand You

Once you have defined Brand You and written your brand statement. You now have to get yourself out there and build your brand.

It is about living up-to what you have determined your brand to be. It’s about your reputation (what are people saying about you). Are you loyal, helpful, funny, boring, knowledgeable, serious, etc

Build your reputation by becoming known in your world as the person of your brand statement.

If this has been helpful or if you have any question post it in the comments section below and I will get back to you

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SEOPressor is a simple WordPress SEO plugin now used by more than 100,000 websites all over the world for their on-page optimization needs. Simply put, this is a tool that can definitely elevate the standard of your website, in the manner that it helps your website reach out on the Internet. The simple logic here is that if your website can reach out to more people, it will have more publicity, and more publicity means more traffic – exactly what SEOPressor helps you achieve. As you get even the top position on Google within your niche, which is something that SEOPressor has achieved time and again, it’s only natural that your business prospects are only going to improve.

The fact is-you’re going to optimize your website in one way or the another, whether you have a software application or not. But if you are planning to do things manually, it is going to take time and that is time you could be using to pursue your main business. SEO is a highly time-consuming activity, and you will find yourself wasting a great deal of time in blogging, marketing with articles, submitting to directories, sending emails to other webmasters for sharing links with them and so on.

Naturally, these things are going to take a lot of your time. Now just think-if you got a program, like SEOPressor, to do all these thing for you, wouldn’t you be saving a hugh amount of time? Time that you could better use in increasing your business?

Time-consuming things that SEOPressor can do for webmasters:-

1. It finds out which are the best keywords on the Internet and tells you which way to use them. It keeps monitoring the keywords and continuously makes suggestions. It also recommends what density you should use the keyword in and what special formatting you need to keep it. Doing all these things manually could be very time-consuming.

2. The program also looks at the tags you have used and makes suggestions on what to do to improve prospects. It makes suggestions on the tagging formats you should be used-H1, H2 or H3-and carries it out by itself.

3. If you have a blog, SEOPressor will look at your individual posts and suggest changes if any are needed. It also tells you the value of each of your existing posts. So, it’s not just about optimizing your on-page needs but it is also about actually suggesting changes. SEOPressor is really like having an SEO Professor right beside you, training and helping you.

What I like about SEOpressor

  1. It gives you a score out of 100 so you know how you are doing with your SEO for your blog.
  2. It give you a Keyword density percentage so you can improve it and
  3. It gives you a list of SEO things you have and haven’t done in your blog


If you would like SEOPressor click Here

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Hey I came across this video on Youtube today well I was looking for something else.

Daniel Wagner shares 19 internet marketing mistakes, mainly to do with your mindset or the way you think.

Check it out

They are:-

  1. Thinking it’s a get rich quick scheme
  2. Not willing to take full responsibility
  3. Focusing too much on negative stuff
  4. Not willing to live out of your confort zone
  5. Shiny objects syndrome or lack of focus
  6. Not willing to invest in ones education and business growth
  7. Afraid of making mistakes or experiencing failure
  8. Not willing to do whatever it takes to succeed
  9. Not focusing on creating value
  10. Not knowing how to manage finances
  11. Modelling after the one click scam artists
  12. Learning more than doing
  13. Not setting milestones and taking baby steps
  14. Freaking out over every change
  15. Not starting with the end in mind
  16. Trying to conquer every niche
  17. Not focusing on building passive income
  18. Having an employee’s mindset
  19. Don’t be an opportunity seeker

Do you suffer from any of these marketing mistake? Let me know in the comments below. I know I do and have to keep working to avoid them.

Have a fabulous day


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In this video blog I bring you more of the interview with Tom Breeze, public speaking coach, video marketer and video marketing coach/mentor.

In this video on how to get started with video marketing Tom Breeze shares some more tip.

If you find an expert in your field/niche and interview them. As part of the interview ask them ten questions. You can then split it up into ten videos, one from each question and answer. You then have ten videos you can publish to Youtube. If you then distribute them through the likes of Tubemogul which will get it out to 20 video hosting site. This will give you 200 videos out there promoting you.

What you can also do is get your videos transcribed, by someone on or similar site, which you can then publish as an article or on a blog

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Today I would like to share an interview I did with Tom Breeze, video marketing expert and public speaking coach.

Tom talks about what cameras you can start with. A Flip camera or Kodak ZI8 are both good.

You could even use a smart phone. Like the iphone 4 or 5, I guess the samsung Galaxy would be OK as well.

He also talked about how to structure your video.

  1. The intro. Tell what you are going to cover in the video
  2. The body. Go into detail on what you are covering
  3. Summery. Summarise what you have covered
  4. Call to action. Tell them what to do next. eg visit my website, or click like and leave a comment

Hope you enjoyed watching Tom

In my next Blog I will have more tips from  my Tom Breeze interview

Have a fantastic day


PS If you would like to learn video marketing click here to check out Tom’s webinar


I was on YouTube today and came across this video from Zig Ziglar

He talks about why we get twice as much done the day before we go on holiday than most of the other days of the year.
Why? Because the night before we think what do we have to do before we have off. We write a list.
What if we did this everyday? How much more would we achieve?

Hope you enjoyed it

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Wake Up Call

Today I was listening the “Wake Up Call” with Kay  Kubassek on Blog Talk Radio and was so inspired I thought I would share some on it with you.

Questions for today

  1. “How long are you going to focus solely on your results, on you getting ahead.” and
  2. “When are you going to commit to a mission that is bigger than your self”

These are two really good questions that you and I should consider today.

If we focus on ourselves, our business and our success it is just not going to happen. Why? because it is not US. Think about it for a minute. How many unsuccessful people are there in the world? About 95%. What do what are most people interested in? What’s in it for ME. They are focused on themselves.

When if we focus on how we can help other people, how we can solve their problems. (And there are millions of people with millions of problems out there) Then we will become successful.

Problems = opportunity. If we solve people problems we will get paid. The bigger the problem the more they will pay.

It is all about service, how can we serve others. All of the great teacher from the past have taught this point. If you want to be successful you must serve others, it is not optional, you just must do it. Make your life your business about service

Take Responsibility

Another thing he mentioned was. You can only experience success if you take full responsibility for everything, your life, your circumstances, your business. Stop blaming! It may not be your fault where you’re at or what has happened to you. But it has made you who you are, it has made you unique. So get over it, take responsibility for it, use it to your advantage and move forward onward and upward.

In closing

Two questions to ask yourself/myself every day

  1. Am I coming from a place of service today?
  2. Am I taking full responsibility for my life, my circumstances, and my business today

Have a fabulous Day


PS here is the link to the call so you can listen to the whole call



Hi how’s it going

In this video from London I give a quick overview of The Internet Laptop Lifestyle – Zero to Six Figures private workshop run by Stuart Ross




Click on the image to get your hands on this video training course

“How To Go To From Zero To Six Figures Online”

Stuart covered the following in this workshop

  • The Six Rules to Six Figures
  • Why Information Marketing
  • Outsourcing
  • List Building
  • The SFM Formular
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Traffic and
  • His No 1 Strategy for building a list fast

The fortunate thing is he recorded it on video and it is now available just Click Here to get your copy of Internet Laptop Lifestyle – Zero to Six Figures

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