Do you have a blog?
What is the purpose of your blog?
How often do you post on your blog?
I will assume that you do have a blog. If you don’t then there is no reason for you to continue to read this blog post
The purpose of blogging
There could be a number of reason for having a blog

  • To share information on things or topics that you are passionate or interested in.
  • To establish yourself as an authority in a area/subject(someone who knows a lot about what they are talking about).
  • to create a following or maybe you just like to write and share ideas

(Hey put the reason you blog in the comments below because I’m interested in your reason)

How often do you post a blog?
Are you like me? I have been inconsistent and erratic which is probably why I don’t get many visitors to my site. One of thew reasons is because I don’t like writing and it can take me four or more hours to write and post a blog. But there are alturnative to writing which I will cover in an upcoming blog (so stay turned)
When blogging you should be consistant with your blogging. In an ideal world you should post daily (well that what my mentor, Stuart Ross, tells me) and is something I’ll be working on.
But if you can’t blog daily decide how often you can blog, ie once a week, three time a week or whatever. Then set a day/s and post the same day/s every week.
That way people who are following you will get to know, expect, and look forward to your blogs.
Another reason is it is good for your search engine (google, yahoo, bing) rankings. This is because you are putting consistant content out there and they like that.
Here is a check out my video

What are your thoughts.? Please leave a comment below

This is Robbie happy blogging and have a fantastic day

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8 Responses to “Blogging. How Often? And Why?”

  1. Kathleen McKay

    Hi Robbie, I like to blog to keep in touch with all my subscribers. However, I’ve also found I’m inconsistant at blogging. Hence why I’m working on it too. 🙂

  2. Tim Halloran

    Hi Robbie, I’m also inconsistent with my blogging which is why I’m doing the 30 day challenge! It will definitely be a challenge for me! I like to blog about things I am passionate about and to help me to consolidate information I may have read and am interested in myself. 🙂

  3. Mark Ford

    I’m consistent with my blogging and I enjoy content marketing and sharing tips and strategies about blogging with others.

    The reason I blog is to provide to those looking for an alternative lifestyle and career path information that helps them to learn about the benefits of working from home and creating a digital lifestyle. They may well be leaving a corporate lifestyle or a professional career and they are looking for home business ideas. I share information with these peope to help them learn about building a home business and to share with them digital businesses that they can build from home on the internet or wherever there is an internet connection.

  4. Matt and Sandra

    We also try to post a blog consistently Robbie, sharing ideas and tips that we learn along the way to help people who are also looking to create an alternative ‘digital life’ for themselves. At the moment it’s once a week on the same day. As you say, the consistency is important to your readers.