How to improve YouTube Rankings

Here are some tips on how to get your video ranked better on YouTube and google

When you watch a video on YouTube always click like or dislike.
Leave a comment whether you are watching your video or someone else’s video. This show interaction and that the video is engaging and also creates back links to your channel. It will also show up on your Google plus if you tick the box under the comments box
If you always like comment and share peoples videos they are people are likely to return the favour on your videos which should then rank you higher in the search engines. It’s the law of attraction, What you give out will come back to you

Sharing yours and others videos is a good idea as well. It gets them out there. And again if you share others videos they are more likely to share yours

The description is also important. Not so much for the people watching your videos but for the search engine spiders so they can tell what your video is about.

Also add a link/URL in the first line of your description so it is easy for people to click on. And make sure you say on your video “click on the link below” This doesn’t have to do with improving your ranking but it get people to where you want them.


Hope you liked the video

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Tips For Video Posting

I have seen lately quite a number of people starting to get into shooting and posting a video a day on YouTube, for 90 days. A 90 day video challenge
This is a really good idea, as it get you over the fear of being in front of a camera, builds a habbit and also gives you consistant new material/content on your channel
You can also post these videos on your blog site giving you content on there as well
I have also noticed that most of them don’t really know what they are doing so I have put together 8 tips to help you look better in the eyes of the search engines and also the viewers.

  1. Purpose I know this 90 day challenge is suppose to push you out of your comfort zone and is therefore of benefit to you. And yes it is nice to count then off. But do you really need to tell everyone “this is day ___ of my ninety day challenge.” My thinking is that you want others to watch your videos and they aren’t at all interested in whether it is day 3 or 54. They want information or entertainment or both
  2.  Introduction. Introduce yourself and give yourself authority. “I am Robbie van’t Wout, founder of ……………….. or CEO of ……….. or something
  3. Keep It Short Keep your videos short and to the point. People don’t like watching long boring videos or you just babbling on for the sake of it.
  4. Call to Action. Give a call to action. Tell the viewer what you want them to do when they have watched the video. click on the link below and vist my web site. Or click like and leave a coment. I will reply to all comment. Or if you liked the video share with your friends.
  5. Clickable link. Put a clickable link in the first line of your description ( or to a landing page or where ever else you want them to go.
  6. Description. Fill in the description box under your video in YouTube. Telling people what your video is about. note more word is better than less. You can have up to 3000 characters, so use them because google/YouTube likes content
  7. Likes Comments.Find other people that are doing the same thing (90 day challenge) connect with them and commit to watching each others videos to the end, like them and leave a comment. It is also a good idea to subscribe to their channel. This is interaction. YouTube/Google like interaction and will therefore rank you higher
  8. Shooting with Smart phone If you are shooting on your smart phone. make sure you hold the camera horizontal (screen wider than high). To get better sound quality you can also get a mic headphone spitter/adaptor to plug in a lapel mic or a special mic designed to plug into your smart phone mic/headphone jack. You can get either on Ebay

I hope these tips have helped. If they have leave a comment or even feel free to share it.

Google Hangouts

What do you know about Google Hangouts

Google hangouts are way better and more versatile than skype calls. Sure there are a lot of similarities.

I came across this video interview about them and thought it was worth sharing

My friend Jo Barnes is interviewing Ronnie Bincer (the google hangouts expert). Jo does some awesome interviews and this one is no exception

This is what Jo had to say about Ronnie “I always enjoy interviewing Ronnie. He’s so easy to chat to and generous with his information. As a gentleman who has been involved in Video Optimization and SEO for years, hangouts were like a dream come true for Ronnie!”

In this interview they talk about why you should be using google hangouts

Some of the different uses are:-

  • Chatting with friends
  • recording interviews
  • Business conference calls
  • On Air hangout. and how you can use it as a webinar
  • plus much more

To get updates on hangouts here is Ronnies link

If you would like to know more about Google + and hangout Jo Barnes has a Google +  video course. Just click below to get hold of it

Discover Google+ 2013


Google Hangouts

Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market

Hi how’s going

You might think what a strange title. And purple cow? You can’t get a purple cow

I got this idea from Tom Breeze and he got it from Seth Godin. They said that you needed to be a purple cow if you wanted to stand out in your market. So I decided to go searching for a purple cow.

Discover what I found in my search for a purple cow when I was in Holland

I think I got the wrong idea from what they were trying to get across (maybe I am a little slow or something).

Really what they where talking about was if you are driving across the country and on either side of the road there are fields of grain, and there has been for the last 3 hours. Then suddenly you come across a field of cows. You that is remarkable.

But as you keep driving there are more and more fields of cows. The fields of cows are no longer remarkable, they are common. Now to be remarkable the cows would need to purple cows

Stand Out In Online Marketing

To stand out with marketing or in any market you need to be the purple cow in your market. You need to be remarkable, you need to be different, you need to be the breath of fresh air, you need to be doing what the competition is not doing.

So ask your self “How can I stand out?”, “How can I be the purple cow in my niche, business, or market


  • If they are are just blogging do video blogging
  • If they are just selling their product, sell your with a money back guaranty
  • If they have a money back guaranty, do a double your money back guaranty
  • If you have a shop offer your customer a tea or  coffee

Put your thinking cap on. I’m sure you will come up with something.

Be the Purple Cow be remakable

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 Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market

Today I have a couple of videos on what video marketing equipment you need to use when making videos for video marketing whether you are just beginning or have exerience with marketing using video.

The first shows you the equipment that cost a bit more, where the equipment in the second you can get for just over $100

Video Marketing Equipment Used By An Experienced Video Marketer(first video)

  1. The iphone, be it 4, 4S or 5, you can shoot good quality video. Mount it on a tripod with a glip ($10) and an audio KV cable you can them plug in a blue tooth mic, or a lapel mic (covered in the 2nd video)
  2. The Sony bluetooth mic ECMAW3 can plug into your KV cable and clip to your tripod. The mic them clips onto your shirt or you can use it as a hand held for doing interviews.
  3. The Sony handy-cam HDRCX570E video camera. Can be tripod mounted and the screen flips round so you can see what you are doing. You can also get a larger battery for it, a clip on blue-tooth (wireless) mic (Sony ECMHW2) and a clip on grip (GPAVT1) which has controls on. It has little legs that fold out to double as a mini tripod.
  4. The SLR 650D camera is more expensive over $1000 but the video quality is really good
  5. Sennheiser wireless mic costs about $700 but is high quality and discrete. It can clip onto the top of the SLR camera.

 Video Marketing Equipment On a Budget (second video)

  1. The kodak ZI10 play touch video camera. You can produce reasonable quality video and you can plug in an external mic be it wired or wireless. Although you probably want to get a sprae battery or 2 for it. The Zi10 is $70-$100
  2. Lapel mic . There are a variety available starting at around $20.
  3. Editing software for video marketing. You can use windows movie maker or if you have a Mac their equivalent. I now use camtasia. It is about $300 for the PC version and $99 for the mac, but you can also do screen capture video with it

If you have any questions, about video marketing or the equipment used, just leave them in the comment below and I will get back to you

Have an amazing day