First You Must Decide What You Want. To Make Your Dreams Come True

Hi How are you to today. I hope you’re fantastic

In the second video of the making your dreams come true series. Jack Canfield take us throught the first Decide What You Want

I might seem obvious but a lot of people go through life and never decide what they want.

When deciding on the vision of what you want make sure you go big. It doesn’t matter how big it is because once you commit to it anything is possible. Often people don’t decide what they want because they don’t know how it is possible to achieve it because of the situation that they are in right now or because of the way they were brought up. like you can’t have this or that, that is being selfish.

The universe is full of abundance, there is enough for everyone and there is still heaps to spare.

Once you decide what you want tell others and suround your self with positive like minded people.  If people try and put you off or discourage you, thank them for there concern and move on

Enjoy the video, take note, put it into action and if you have any questions just leave in the comment below

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Decide What You Want. To Make Your Dreams Come True





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