Google Hangouts

What do you know about Google Hangouts

Google hangouts are way better and more versatile than skype calls. Sure there are a lot of similarities.

I came across this video interview about them and thought it was worth sharing

My friend Jo Barnes is interviewing Ronnie Bincer (the google hangouts expert). Jo does some awesome interviews and this one is no exception

This is what Jo had to say about Ronnie “I always enjoy interviewing Ronnie. He’s so easy to chat to and generous with his information. As a gentleman who has been involved in Video Optimization and SEO for years, hangouts were like a dream come true for Ronnie!”

In this interview they talk about why you should be using google hangouts

Some of the different uses are:-

  • Chatting with friends
  • recording interviews
  • Business conference calls
  • On Air hangout. and how you can use it as a webinar
  • plus much more

To get updates on hangouts here is Ronnies link

If you would like to know more about Google + and hangout Jo Barnes has a Google +  video course. Just click below to get hold of it

Discover Google+ 2013


Google Hangouts

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