What Is Google Plus And Why You Should Be On It?


First some facts
Google Plus Facts

  • There are 500 million users (Dec 12) of which 235 million are active a month. I know still not as many as facebook
  • but they have only been around since June 2011.
  • The google +1 (google like button) is served more than 5 million times daily.
  • 67% are males

 What does Google plus have?


Circles are groups of friends, people you know, people you want to follow.

The difference between people in your circles and the likes of your friends in facebook is. People in your circles don’t have to have you in their circles. So if you want to follow what someone is posting you just add them to one of your circles.

You can have a circle for each group of friend family and acquantances. And you can select what updates you want to receive from what circles

You can share your thought with the world or keep it private to selected people(circles)

google circles


Hangouts are live communication with your friends. A bit like a skype call but better.

Google + hangout
  • You can just have audio
  • or video and audio
  • You can share your screen eg to show someone how to do something
  • Up to 10 people can be in a hangout
  • It is free



You can create communities with people who share your interests

They are a place where you can share ideas, passions, information, photos, videos, plan event or even have hangout

They can be private or public.


This is for local business. If you have a local business you really need to have a business page in here if you want to be found by the search engine. And as google is the biggest search engine being on their local platform is going to help.

By adding your address it will then show your location on google maps.

google + local


By registering with analytics you can then see how many people are visiting and clicks you are getting to your posts

can track visitors from all referer including search engines and social media, direct visits and referring sites.


Pages are for businesses, products, group, brands etc so the can have a presence on Google +. They are like your personal google + page.

They can have more than one person managing the page and if the owner decides they no longer want to be a part of it they can transfer ownership to someone else.

 Google Plus is more than a social media platform. It is a social layer to google itself. It has many feature and tools

If you are running an online business or even thinking about an online business. If you want to be found, you need to be on google plus even though it is still relatively new on the seen it is only going to get bigger.

So start building your presence even if you only spend an hour a week.

You will see the benefit in the long run

Have an awesome day


What Is Google + And Why You Should Be On IT

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  1. Yvonne Patrick

    Great description of how powerful Google+ is. I had no idea it had so many useful tools. Looking forward to using them. Thanks for the great post Robbie