How to improve YouTube Rankings

Here are some tips on how to get your video ranked better on YouTube and google

When you watch a video on YouTube always click like or dislike.
Leave a comment whether you are watching your video or someone else’s video. This show interaction and that the video is engaging and also creates back links to your channel. It will also show up on your Google plus if you tick the box under the comments box
If you always like comment and share peoples videos they are people are likely to return the favour on your videos which should then rank you higher in the search engines. It’s the law of attraction, What you give out will come back to you

Sharing yours and others videos is a good idea as well. It gets them out there. And again if you share others videos they are more likely to share yours

The description is also important. Not so much for the people watching your videos but for the search engine spiders so they can tell what your video is about.

Also add a link/URL in the first line of your description so it is easy for people to click on. And make sure you say on your video “click on the link below” This doesn’t have to do with improving your ranking but it get people to where you want them.


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  1. KimHardin

    Great info, Robbie. The description is a good place to use your keywords. And like you said, it helps the search engine spiders find your video easier.