How To Overcome A Bad Day

How do you turn your bad days round?

Yesterday I had a bad day.

I got an email first thing in the morning and it really annoyed me and it was on my mind all day.

To overcome it I went and hung out in a Facebook group where everyone is positive, give great feedback, is inspirational, supportive and encouraging.

How could you not turn your day around when you associate with people like that.

It is truly an awesome amazing group to be involved with.

How do you turn your bad days around? Please tell me below

Have an amazing day


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6 Responses to “How To Overcome A Bad Day”

  1. Kathleen McKay

    Hi Robbie, thank you for sharing your post and your thoughts. An amazing group with incredible support…yes I love we can say things in group that stay in the group…always supporting. Just what our new members need. Loved your video, ” only met one person in person” lol. I forget we’ve never met in person….when I have a bad day now I tend to pull an old saying out of my hat….not my monkeys….not my circus…It seems to make me laugh….glad all is well now 🙂

  2. Sandra Lemming

    Boo it’s me lols 🙂 yes bad days can be disruptive and they can send you spiralling out of control like a front wheel drive with a blown front tyre. So what do I do if I have a bad day well that’s easy Robbie I Skype call you hahaha and you brighten my mood with your comical humour and generosity as a friend… Looking forward to catching up with you in November 😉