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Here is a tipĀ  on how to use facebook with your home internet business in a video I created

So many people who are using facebook to promote their product, buisiness or service. Submitting post after post “Get this amazing product blah blah blah.”

If you are anything like me, you get sick of the posts very quickly and go and unfriend them.

Facebook can be likend to a party. When you are having a party at your place and your friends come.

  • You show them round the house, garden, and maybe the garage and hobby room etc.
  • You offer them a drink and snacks,
  • You introduce them to other guest.
  • They may look at photo and pictures on the wall
  • You talk about all sorts of thing you/they have been doing
  • And if you happen to be a car be a car salesman, you may talk about the latest model BMW that you that has just come in

You don’t say, as soon as they arrive, “I have an amazing deal for you on the latest BMW. We can take it for a test drive right now and if you like it, I have the paper ready just fill in your details and you can take it home today.

So if you use facebook make friends get to know them build a relationship with them. Then and only then suggest that they might like to try …..

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