Never Give Up.

Never Give Up

I was listening to an audio today thatĀ told a story of Winston Churchill in his final year. I thought it was worth sharing
Sir Winston Churchill was call upon to address the graduating class of a very prestigious US military academy to give a speech on success and how to achieve it.
He approached the rostrum slowly, but deliberately. He was a very old man. There was not a sound coming from the audiance. It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop as they waited in anticipation. Sir Winston arrived at the microphone, laid his cane down, took off his top hat and place his cigar on a tray , which especially been provided for him. He adjusted his glasses and slow surveyed the audience. He then turn to the microphone and clear spoken these three words. “Never give up!”
There was a long silent pause, then a few moment later he repeated those three words, just as clearly. “Never Give Up!”

He then silently surveyed his audiance again and after a few deathly quiet moments, he again repeated. “Never give up!”
With those words spoken, he put his top hat back on, picked up his cane, placed his cigar back in his mouth and slowly but deliberately left the stage up the centre isle thruogh the audience.
What a story.
And that is the key to success. “Never give up!” because as soon as you do. You failed. You may face obstacles that slow you down or trip you up and cause you to ponder. But as long as you never give up you will succeed.
Having done some research, I believe that this is only a story and it never actually happened. But it still carry a strong message to each of us.
So strive for success and never give up.
Have a fabulous day

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