Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market

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You might think what a strange title. And purple cow? You can’t get a purple cow

I got this idea from Tom Breeze and he got it from Seth Godin. They said that you needed to be a purple cow if you wanted to stand out in your market. So I decided to go searching for a purple cow.

Discover what I found in my search for a purple cow when I was in Holland

I think I got the wrong idea from what they were trying to get across (maybe I am a little slow or something).

Really what they where talking about was if you are driving across the country and on either side of the road there are fields of grain, and there has been for the last 3 hours. Then suddenly you come across a field of cows. You that is remarkable.

But as you keep driving there are more and more fields of cows. The fields of cows are no longer remarkable, they are common. Now to be remarkable the cows would need to purple cows

Stand Out In Online Marketing

To stand out with marketing or in any market you need to be the purple cow in your market. You need to be remarkable, you need to be different, you need to be the breath of fresh air, you need to be doing what the competition is not doing.

So ask your self “How can I stand out?”, “How can I be the purple cow in my niche, business, or market


  • If they are are just blogging do video blogging
  • If they are just selling their product, sell your with a money back guaranty
  • If they have a money back guaranty, do a double your money back guaranty
  • If you have a shop offer your customer a tea or  coffee

Put your thinking cap on. I’m sure you will come up with something.

Be the Purple Cow be remakable

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 Be A Purple Cow And Stand Out In Your Market

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