You Must Respond To Feedback Make Your Dreams Come True

Today Jack talks about how ti is important to respond to feedback if you want to reach your goals.

Often as we are working towards our goals we can get off course and become distracted. That is when feedback can help us. Listening to feed back and letting it help you get back on course can help you get closer to your goals.

There are two types of feedback, negative and positive. We all like positive feedback but negative feedback can also be helpful.

How We Respond To Feedback

There are different way we can respond to feedback

  1. Ignor it and say this is my goals and I will do it my way, I don’t need advice from anyone because they don’t know what they are talking about
  2. Get upset and take it personnally and quit. Not a good option if you want to make your dreams come true
  3. Get angry and go off at the person giving the feedback
  4. Take it it on board and make adjustment to  so you can keep moving towards your goals

So enjoy the video and make sure you use feedback to stay on course

Have a fantastic day


 You Must Respond To Feedback Make Your Dreams Come True

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