What is the secret to success?

Tonight I was watching a movie Kung Fu Panda and got to thinking
Kung_Fu_Panda "I have the secert to success. Come and get it"
What is the secret to success? Is there a secret to success?
The characters in the movie were training to be the dragon warrior so they could get the dragon warrior scroll which contained the secret.

It is rather like real life. People have struggled with this question many centuries.
They strive to find it, they work their butts off in pursuit of it.
Lots give up and resign themselves to a life of failure and disapointment because they believe it is too hard.
Some even sell the idea that there is a secret and they have the answer. And a I guess that they are getting their success by doing that. They are creating it for themselves by promoting the myth.

Back to the movie when they finally got to open the scroll it was blank. As in there was no secret, no special formula, nothing there.

That is how it is in live there is no secret to success.  If you believe you can succeed, just you will as long as you don’t quit, you will succeed.
On the other hand if you believe that there is a secret to success, or that you can’t succeed then there is no way that you will

You! yes you

YOU! Yes You must believe in yourself

So go to the mirror have a look at yourself because there in lies the secret to your success. Tell yourself you are going to succeed and Believe It because YOU! yes You are going to succeed

Have a great day you successful person






What is the secret to success?

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