If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals

Hi today we look at the next step to make your dreams come true with Jack Canfield co-author of the “Chicken Soup For The Soul” series of books.

Vague goals and objective just don’t work because they are difficult to measure or determine if you have achieved then.  Eg I want to loose weight. So you loose 1kg have you reach your goal?  or I want to be rich. What is rich? How much money do you need to be rich? I better goal would be I want to earn $243 567 by 31 December 2013. You know exactly how much and by when.

Set big goals and break them down into smaller stepping stone goals that way the big goals won’t be so overwhelming.

To Make Your Dreams Come True  It Isn’t All About Reaching Your Goals

Goal aren’t always about getting there, it is more about who you become to get there. You become someone worth being.  It is about the journey. By Achieving big goals you acheive mastery, mastery of life. If you loss what you had work towards you could achieve it again because you now have the skills to get there and it would be much easier the next time.

Most people don’t acheive mastery because they just don’t set specific goals

Enjoy the video, take notes and put it into action

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 If You Want Make Your Dreams Come True Set Specific Goals



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