Sick Of Your Job

Sick Of Your Job

Do you actually like your job?

Do you leap out of bed on a Monday morning when your alarm goes off and go  “Hooray I’m off to work today”, gobble down down some breakfast make your lunch and hurry out the door. Oop not so fast I must clean my teeth first. Race off in the car, hey don’t hold me up I just can’t wait to get to work. As you rush into work you leap into the air, with a big smile on your face, and yell at the top of your voice “YAY IT’S MONDAY I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH OVER THE WEEKEND”

NO? not you?

Are are you like most people on a Monday morning

The alarm screeches “Whaa Whaa Whaa Whaa!”  You roll over whack the snooze button, get another 10 minute sleep. Then it goes again “Whaa Whaa Whaa Whaa!” Oh I better get up and get ready, you go through the morning ritual again, breakfast, make lunch, wash, shave, teeth and out the door. The same ritual you have been doing for the last 30 years. As you drive to work, it’s start pouring down, the traffic slows down. Consequently you get there 5 minute late. The boss see you walk in and goes off his head “Why the F*** are you late/ You know you’re s’posed to be ready at eight blah blah blah.” Yea it’s the same sh.t different day. You don’t really enjoy what you’re doing. The guys are ok the boss is a tosser, Some day aren’t so bad but it could always be better. You wonder why the hell do you keep doing this?

Well it’s what everyone does, its what we’re taught in school, it’s what our parents taught us and it’s what their parents taught them. Isn’t it?

Go to school get an education, get a job, work till you’re 65 and retire. Although my dad told me to get a trade so that’s what I did.

Does it really have to be this way?

No it doesn’t. There are alternative.

You can build your own business(online), as Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in Rich Dad Poor Dad. And it isn’t that hard any more, as we are getting into the digital age. “What the digital age?” I hear you ask.

Well just look around. We have computers, tablets, smart phone, online banking, online shopping, online dating, blogs, websites, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Pinterest, YouTube, TV on-demand, eBooks, iTunes etc You get the picture.

“How can I build an online business?” You ask. “When I can’t do much more the checking my emails, online banking, finding stuff on Trade Me/Ebay and surfing the net on my computer and as for the smart phone I use that for phone calls, texts and taking picture.”

Well let me tell you. It wasn’t so long ago I was much the same. Still haven’t figured out the smart phone though.

But I now have 2 websites, a YouTube channel,  I’m on a lot of the social media platform and learning new stuff all the time. I am building my own online business after work and in the weekend and loving it. Yea there is a bit of work involved and it’s taking some time to build but building any business takes time. Doesn’t it?

I’m learning from a couple of guys(Stuart and Jay) that have made a lot of money(millions) through online marketing. And now they”re teaching others, like me, how to do it. But unlike many so called internet guru they actually want to see their student succeed. And with their step by step training, webinars, support, tools and an online community of positive, friendly, helpful people on the same journey, many of them are succeeding.

I am looking at replacing my job and working from home, or where ever else I choose to work. as long as I have my laptop and an internet connection.

If you’d like to find out more on how you too can learn the skills to build your own online business to

  • replace your income
  • pay off your debt
  • give you the funds you need for your retirement and
  • go on those holidays you have always wanted

 Have a fantastic day



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