Take Action

Take Action

Live is very interesting

I often hear people talking about things they would like to do achieve. They will go and do courses on how to do it, read books about it dream about and talk about it.

But what they fail to do is put what they learn into action, I can be guilty of this at time as well. If you want to achieve anything you need to take action. It doesn’t have to be massive action it just has to be consistent action. As they say “How do you eat an elephant?. One bite at a time” Although you shouldn’t eat an elephant at all, but that’s another story.

If you want to get fit. Then get off the couch and on your bike. Take action

Do something small everyday that will take you closer to achieving your goal.  If you do this, in a months or two you will look back and say wow look how far I have come.

I am doing something every day now. I have been posting a blog everyday this month. The amazing thing about this is. I am not a writer, and some of these blogs can take me hours to put together. I have taken on this challenge because my mentor said that it was a requirement if I wanted to succeed with my online business. And as time goes on this will get easier I am sure of that.

Anyway here’s a video I shot called “Take Action”

What action are you going to take today to move you closer to what you want to achieve? Tell me in the comments below. Why? Because writing it down and sharing it also helps you to take action.

Have an absolutely wonderful day


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6 Responses to “Take Action”

  1. Tracey L Smith

    Just like you Robbie, I’m taking part in the challenge so I can achieve my dreams.

  2. Lesley Jade Lawler

    Great Post Robbie, don’t forget most of us are in the same position as you, we are all learning how to blog, this is what is going to make us the Leaders of tomorrow, Persistency and Consistency, keep it up, p.s it takes me ages to do a blog too lol 🙂