The Daily Commute

The Daily Commute

Are you like me doing the daily commute to work and back?

Mine isn’t too bad, 38km each way but mostly open road and no traffic hold up like some people may experience. The odd truck doing 90 or a slow driver.

Although this morning I just about parked my car in someone drivers door. They had pulled over to the left (side of the road) to let the traffic past before turning right down a side road.

This was all going fine until the car in front of me pulled in behind them to do the same.

Well they then decided it was a good time to make the turn right in front of me. I hit the pick and they zoomed away narrowly avoiding having my bumper, bonnet, and engine planted in the side of there door. Whew that was close.

Any way that is not what I wanted to talk about to day.

What I want to talk about is. What do you listen to on your daily commute?

  • The radio? Some drive time show where they talk a lot of rubbish and all about the negative stuff that’s happening round the country/world?
  • Your favorite music? And sing along to the amusement of other commuters in the traffic
  • Or Like me Educate/motivate yourself in the otherwise wasted time you sit in your car each day.

What do you listen to on your daily commute? Let me know in the comment below

I listen to speaker like Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Jack Cransfield, Micheal Beckworth. Listening them talk about improving the mind and the way you think. I find it helps me stay positive when surrounded by negative people. In fact it’s quite interesting that it does work. I have had a couple of the guys I work with say “It good having you here it make thing better” and “Why are you always so happy and don’t stress”

Simple answer “You become what you think about” And because I start day with my daily commute listening to positive stuff biulding a positive attitude I have a much happier day.

Here is one the I have been listening to lately. “The Strangest Secret In The World”

This is Earle Nightingale. And it was the first non music LP to sell over a million copies. That was back in the 1950. But the message is still good today. Feel free to share this with those that may need to improve their lives

I hope enjoy this and leave a comment below

Have a wonderful day


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  1. Yvonne Patrick

    You’re so right! Why don’t more of us listen to inspirational recordings while commuting. Perhaps if more of us did that, the world would be a little happier. Thanks Robbie