Today I would like to share an interview I did with Tom Breeze, video marketing expert and public speaking coach.

Tom talks about what cameras you can start with. A Flip camera or Kodak ZI8 are both good.

You could even use a smart phone. Like the iphone 4 or 5, I guess the samsung Galaxy would be OK as well.

He also talked about how to structure your video.

  1. The intro. Tell what you are going to cover in the video
  2. The body. Go into detail on what you are covering
  3. Summery. Summarise what you have covered
  4. Call to action. Tell them what to do next. eg visit my website, or click like and leave a comment

Hope you enjoyed watching Tom

In my next Blog I will have more tips fromĀ  my Tom Breeze interview

Have a fantastic day


PS If you would like to learn video marketing click here to check out Tom’s webinar

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