Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

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In these videos (yes there are 2 videos) Jack Canfield cover the importance of visualisation. It is one of the most important steps in making your dreams come true.

In the first video he demonstrates how  visualisation can help you achieve more than you expect.

If you visualise on regular basis it is proven that it can improve you results.

Jack explains how it works

In the second video He shares an example how a guy managed to change the drop-out rate for a middle school from 85% down to 15% through visualisation

He also shares his story how he made his dreams come true throught visualizing a million dollar cheque. Yes he did get a cheque for a bit over a million dollars

Are you visualizing what you want? If not why not? What have you got to loss?

Enjoy and have a awesome day


 Visualisation To Make Your Dreams Come True

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