Wake Up Call

Today I was listening the “Wake Up Call” with Kay  Kubassek on Blog Talk Radio and was so inspired I thought I would share some on it with you.

Questions for today

  1. “How long are you going to focus solely on your results, on you getting ahead.” and
  2. “When are you going to commit to a mission that is bigger than your self”

These are two really good questions that you and I should consider today.

If we focus on ourselves, our business and our success it is just not going to happen. Why? because it is not US. Think about it for a minute. How many unsuccessful people are there in the world? About 95%. What do what are most people interested in? What’s in it for ME. They are focused on themselves.

When if we focus on how we can help other people, how we can solve their problems. (And there are millions of people with millions of problems out there) Then we will become successful.

Problems = opportunity. If we solve people problems we will get paid. The bigger the problem the more they will pay.

It is all about service, how can we serve others. All of the great teacher from the past have taught this point. If you want to be successful you must serve others, it is not optional, you just must do it. Make your life your business about service

Take Responsibility

Another thing he mentioned was. You can only experience success if you take full responsibility for everything, your life, your circumstances, your business. Stop blaming! It may not be your fault where you’re at or what has happened to you. But it has made you who you are, it has made you unique. So get over it, take responsibility for it, use it to your advantage and move forward onward and upward.

In closing

Two questions to ask yourself/myself every day

  1. Am I coming from a place of service today?
  2. Am I taking full responsibility for my life, my circumstances, and my business today

Have a fabulous Day


PS here is the link to the call so you can listen to the whole call




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